Friday, September 22, 2006

Run, Zaza, Run!

Because walking isn't FAST ENOUGH.

(And that's my outfit, circa 1970-71, paired with the ubiquitous-but-blessedly-washable Crocs. The socks rolled into weird ankle-doughnuts are entirely her doing.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ander's First Day of Kindergarten

His outfit was built around his new Chuck Taylors.

I customized his lunchbox with matching green stenciled initials and hot pink Kid Robot decals. The (empty) Pee-Chee folder is a first day of school tradition -- somewhere around here is an unscanned photo of me with damp hair and a new dress and my Pee-Chee, standing on our front steps on my first day of school.

Kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! Kindergarten ROCKS!

He laughs and laughs when I say this, and asks if I wish I was going instead, if I'm maybe a bit jealous -- and I do wish I was going (not instead, but with him, and not as my grown-up self, but as my 5 year-old self with my damp hair and new dress), and I guess I am a bit jealous!

Everything is new.