Monday, November 12, 2007

An E-Mail to Alissa Regarding the Kitchen, Challah French Toast, Missing Mommies, Crying Jags, and Sushi-and-Sausage-To-Go

"Glowing Monster," by Ander
(Crayola Markers and Color Wonder Markers on Color Wonder Paper)

To: alissa

sorry for the tardy response... zaza and i have been swapping chest colds since halloween (continuing right through this past weekend's harvest faire at school). i really just need a week in bed -- why can't i have that???????

the kitchen is awaiting tile and counters, but the end seems near... i got so desperate for a proper sunday breakfast (non-microwaved), that i trotted off to whole foods for scrambled eggs and challah french toast & zipped home fasssst so they'd be warm...

ander questioned me hard the other day about why you moved away -- why you chose YOUR family over him, basically -- and burst into tears. i had to pull the car over to hug him. sometimes his crying jags are so shocking, pouring out of his big 6.5 year old body (with its weirdly toddler-like toothless mouth).

i asked him to imagine living in a strange town far away from all his grandparents and friends. we talked about how college and grad school come to an end. we talked about rent, and freelance work. we talked and talked and talked. he says jessica is doing a good job of being his 'new alissa' craft-wise, but she's just not his other mommy the way you were, and she doesn't DRAW...

oh and ander and zaza are playing restaurant as i type this, and ander just asked the proprietor ('za) if he can get his sushi and sausage to go "for in the car, like at in-and-out burger."

goddddd we need the kitchen to be finished.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Griffith Park: Ander and I Build Fairy Houses Whilst Zaza Serenades Hikers

I think it was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" (over and over and over), and then applause erupted from the hiking trail and she ran into my arms, mortified but delighted. See the hikers in the background? See the poor, gouged, tagged sycamore trunks? See Zaza actually wearing jeans?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

2007 Autumn Portraits

(shhhhhh: I liked last year's better...)

I was stuck in the Owl Service booth, so poor Zameandad had to wrangle these guys. Apparently Zaza threw a fit (hence the puffy eyes, splotchy coloring and tall hair) and refused to change out of her princess costume. Ander needed a haircut and some time running around in the sun. Some of these were raw images, and I'm not sure the correct light source made the transfer. And nobody shot in black and white this year. But then again, three sittings with three different professional photographers -- all for under $75 -- is a darn good deal, and my favorite school fundraiser.

The Owl Service Swoops in for Ander's School Harvest Faire

Lady J and I thought our city kids needed some woodsy nature crafts sprinkled with fairy lore. So with materials 'borrowed' from the Angeles National Forest (doing our part in the much-needed fire season brush-clearing effort, okay???*), we set the kids to work making wands and fairy habitats.

It was waaaaaaaaaaaaay fun, and rumor has it our booth raised the most money for the school. (If you don't count the bouncey house.) Anyway, we rocked, in an acorn-y, glue-gunny, pebble-and-bark-strewn way.

Next time we'll leave our Ren-Faire-esque/Nature-Mama/Fairy-Queen costumes at home (hot glue guns and swoopy goopy dresses do not mix).

*That was an adventure itself -- and thank goodness the kids weren't with us and there is no photo record. Let's just say one should really, really be ver certain to check one's cell phone batteries, gas gage, and snack and water supply before driving up and up into the freshly-burnt mountains, unless one wants to become the next stupid-citified-white-women-lost-in-mountains statistic.