Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ander (and his Mommy) Craft Their Way into 2007

Just for the Holidays, Ander added elf hats to the playroom door sign. And check out those traced-and-xeroxed hand-elves! Also, the snowmen paper chain just cracked me up (especially the snowman with breasts).

On New Year's Day we fired up the addictive-and-oh-so-empowering glue gun, and Ander and I made a cabin for the garden faeries (okay okay so somebody else out there made the actual [bird]house, but it turned out darn cute, and if I was a faerie I'd love to stay there). Lame admission: I sort of feel very wistful about the buttons we used for the roof -- it seems so wasteful or just plain mean to leave them out there in the frontyard, subject to the elements (such as they are in Southern California)...

I was determined to make a mobile out of happy wishes for Ms. L's baby-to-be, but was stumped. Then Ander reminded me of how Lauren Child makes butterflies from cut-paper hearts in her Charlie & Lola voila! It is my favorite and my best, as Lola would say.