Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grocery Run with Zaza

We brought her cart along -- it's really not too much smaller than the ones TJs provides for we adult-sized people. She was very particular about what went into hers: no canned beans, for example, but boxes of cereal and bags of cookies and clamshells of strawberries and boxes of toaster waffles (and one box of SOUR Jelly Bellies) were all okay.

Diggez-vous the scarf tied jauntily around her neck? She said it was a shawl, but still. And you can't quite see her straw purse dangling from the handle of her cart -- it held the scarf, as well as two lip balms, a mirror, and a coin purse. (As she had apparently forgotten her wallet, I paid for her groceries)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What We Did on Sunday: The Old Zoo Trail

It's not every city that can offer up a hiking trail which starts in an excellent play-park, winds through the remains of a ghost-zoo, ascends through fire-damaged and horse-apple-strewn hills, and then slopes downward through flowering shrubs while calliope music grows ever louder.

If it had been a grey and cloudy day, and if there had not been a fantastical carousel at the end, the whole thing would have been kind of David Lynchian and spoooooooky. But the sky was a blaze of blue, and people were picnicking in the abandoned bear and lion enclosures, and the kids wanted to pose as bats, and there was a fantastical carousel at the end, so the whole thing was kind of quintessentially Los Angelean.

Oh and we saw a falcon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Smattering

We're back from our first San Diego trip of the summer (we're heading back down in two weeks).

Things we missed while there:

  • Daddy (all of us)

  • The Grove (Aliza)

  • Our house (all of us)

  • George the Cat (all of us)

  • jek, Katie-O and the babes, Lady J who's back in the UK anyway (all of us)

  • Good water pressure (me)

Things we miss now that we're home:

  • Tutu & Grandad (all of us)

  • Uncle Alan & Auntie Nicole (all of us)

  • A&J (all of us, but especially Ander & Zaza who seem to have forgotten how to fill their days without cousins down the hall)

  • Humid sea air (my hair and skin)

  • Walking everywhere, even late at night (me, not so much the kids)

  • Swimming lessons and family swim nights at the Rec pool (all of us)

  • The Coronado Library (all of us) and their Harry Potter event that we manage to miss every year (me mostly)

  • Thrifting with Anne (me)

  • Sleeping between the kids (me)

  • Sleeping next to Mommy (Ander & Zaza)

  • Coronado's idea of 'traffic' (me)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Place-Saver, This

We're visiting Grandad and Tutu and relishing quality (and quantity) time with the Cousins (and my wonderful Brother and Sister-in-Law).

We'll be home at week's end, after Junior Detective daycamp and swimming lessons.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bubble Day at the Library

...and there were doubly-bubbly root beer floats as well.

Ahhhhhhh summmmmerrrrrrrrr...