Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning

It's all about the knee socks.

And the hair gel.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sorta Kinda Ice Cream Friday (a Different Sort of Frozen Treat by Way of Avoiding Dairy in Deference to Miss Kitty's Sinus Infection)

Due to a minimum day at the big kids' school, 'Za was not along for the ride, but Master M was.

Miss Kitty searched the Jamba Juice menu for something that sounded Friday-worthy and was on the verge of frustrated-but-oh-so-polite tears when her Daddy-O whispered "Icee?" into her ear. Proto-tears evaporated, and a Big Gulp-sized smile crept across Miss Kitty's face.

Ander and M. shouted YEAH and so we rode the escalator up to Target and the kids partook of some artificially flavored and toxically colored semi-frozen 'beverages.'

The grown-ups were not even slightly tempted to partake, which was probably a good thing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zaza's Preschool Play: How the Camel Got His Hump

Rehearsing, just before going into make-up (in my first day of school dress), in make-up as the Head Dog, and on-stage.

She LOVED it -- lapped up the laughter and the applause -- chattered on and on after about how she could hear and feel the audience responding to her funny lines, and how that made her ham it up even more. Poor ZaMeAnDad: he's very worried he has a Performer on his hands...

All (GLORIOUS) photos above by the inspiring and ultra-talented Nicole Wilder, a mom from Za's school whose own son was too sick to perform in the play.


Photo by Ander (before his camera died)

"In the night? the trash can mans? they hurt my ears and I really really really can't sleep!"

Easy-peasy. Thirty seconds to explain that it's "trash can men" or even better "trash collectors," and that it was an overcast early morning, not nighttime.

But later, with just Ander in the car, whilst complimenting him on how well he is getting along with his sister, I told him that their friendship was exactly why we chose to have two children, and stumbled into this one:

"Wait-wait-wait! You 'chose' to have two kids? You chose? How do you choose that? How do you not make a baby?"

Which is actually something we discussed briefly on the tail-end of the how babies are made conversation a while ago. But he wanted some clarification ("Can you see them? Do they really have little tadpole tails, and are they blue like in my book?"), and some detailed descriptions of the pharmaceuticals involved.

Then Za was in the car and we saw Heath-Ledger-Joker, Superman, Jason (? machete and hockey mask?), Jesus (!), and the maybe-genuine-Demon Guy in front of the Chinese.

We listened to a CD of songs from Aliza's school play (tonight!), and I was grooving along and hand-jiving and bopping my head for the amusement of my backseat audience when I realized that the handsome young guy in the Whole-Foods-bag-filled sportscar behind us was also laughing at me. Oh. No. Way. Orlando. Squeakin'. Bloom.* Laughing. At. Me.

And now we're home, A&A are hovering, impatiently waiting to play on the computer. Ander says to write "And now I'm going to let them on the computer."

So I did, and now I will.

*How I hope he's actually in the UK and what I saw was just some goateed-and-watch-capped Orlando wanna-be.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photostory: Saturday with Zaza

  • Bus to LACMA

  • Making stuff with plaster strips in "Art, Me, and All that I See" class (sun & moon by MeMeMe).

  • Lunch and downhill-running near the Page Museum

  • Waiting for the bus

  • Bus home, covered in plaster and pudding

May I please be her for a day?

Though, truthfully, being along for the ride is nearly as fun. (It's just the hair and the off-handed athleticism and the non-consequential-caloric-intake that I covet.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Ander Saw at UCLA

Using a hand-me-down digital camera that is a zillion times better than his Fisher Price one.

But also a zillion times less able to survive being dropped.

(He wept when the camera died at day's end...)