Friday, May 29, 2009

Still Back-Posting

I have finally published the posts from Ander's party back in April, and am sloooowly making my way forward and around the pink elephant in the room (= Zaza's party)...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Listening to Zaza in the Car

A song:

You caaaaaaaan
do an-y-thing!
You caaaaaaaan
do an-y-thing
Like be funny
Maybe you can go to Russia
Or maybe you can go to San Diego.
You caaaaaan
do an-y-thing!

A thought:

  • "I'm only afraid of draculas, ghosts, and diseases. And bats and squirrels because they carry diseases."

Requirements for her dream car (for which -- besides a trampoline -- she is saving coins in her elephant bank):

  • Gold paint outside
  • Light-colored inside
  • Earth antenna ball with "Be good to the Earth" on it
  • Built-in sunglasses compartment between sun visors (like in ZaMeAnDad's car)
  • Tissue box attachment for sun visor
  • Runs on vegetable oil
  • "Lots of other cool stuff"

**we love the skirt, natalie!!!**

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Long Weekend

A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness.

-- Baudelaire

*Ander's necklaces courtesy of the '07 Renaissance Faire and our resident garden fairies. You can find something similar to the fairies' here...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ice Cream Friday: I Give in to a Plea for IcePan, and jek and her Magic Camera Come Along for the Ride


And when they first opened in the old Ben & Jerry's space at the 'Target Mall' they managed to make Zaza the world's worst vanilla -- and really, how does one make a yucky vanilla?

But it is arguably very very fun to watch them mix up made-to-order ice-y treats right there on the cold, cold pan.

He had Green Tea. The girls had Chocolate (with marshmallows mixed in). It was all eaten up, so I'm assuming it was better than the Heinous Vanilla Experiment of yore. The (supposed) grown-ups had ginormous iced coffees (but of course) which were cheaper than IcePan ice cream though probably not too much less caloric. And Ander & Zaza taught Miss Kitty the Walk-On-the-Red-Bricks-Only Game, zig-zagging all over the patio.

The last seven pictures above are jek's, as is the one of Zaza eating her ice cream. jek also roped the whole gang into a series of Bench Monday photos which she will possibly maybe eventually put up on her flickr page.

If you have been studying the Ice Cream Friday pictures a tad too closely, you may have noticed wee signs of a certain changing dynamic between Ander and Miss Kitty.

She says -- right in front of him -- that he is right up there with Donny Osmond (circa 1977, thank you YouTube), Han Solo / Indiana Jones / Harrison Ford (circa 1980s), and a Ray Harryhausen movie Sinbad (perhaps Kerwin Matthews?).

How much do I love the fact that there is nary a Jonas nor an Efron on her list of cute boys...?