Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night

  • Trick-or-treating in Grandma and Poppy's neighborhood (full-size candy bars!)
  • Dubbadad practices his reaping
  • Ander does the Yay For Candy Dance
  • ...and runs up the hill to Grandma & Poppy's party
  • 'Za follows in her Harajuku-Goth-Lolita-inspired vampire costume (she was supposed to be a devil-girl, with horns and a sequined tail poking through that same dress, and swirly red face make-up, but she decided after yesterday's sparkliness that she didn't want to be told how pretty she looked all night...)
  • 'Za and the Grandma marionette
  • Best. Costumes. Everrrrrr.
  • Ander uses the Ouija Board to determine which candy to eat
  • ...and the spirits say, "Abba-Zabba!"
  • Uncle Steve reads One Halloween Night
  • Ander reads Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich to Zaza and Sofia
  • Jessica's pic of my witchy footies

Halloween Morning

I woke up to the thump-thump-thumping of feet and the shouted, ever-changing rules of the Keep the Balloon Afloat Game.

Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 Halloween Portraits: The Skeleton Jester and the Sugar Plum Fairy

Dubbadad's Office Halloween Party 2009

The boyo will be wearing the same thing on actual Halloween. He's the skele-jester, not the (awesome) Wild Thing. He drew up plans for being a pumpkin-headed jester a month ago, picked the costume from a catalogue, and planned to have me paint his face to look like a jack-o-lantern. But then he added the Cirque du Soleil mask, and he was just so, so, Venetian Carnavale that I had to break my masks-are-too-dangerous-because-they-limit-your-vision rule.

The girl-o will be a bit more "e-villll" -- her description-- tomorrow. I didn't get a head-to-toe picture of her, but she was a Sugar Plum Fairy (who decided to ditch her wings at the last minute). As per normal, we started with a store-bought costume, and then added, added, added. The bodice of this dress was entirely plain, and the costume was itchy without a slip, so I glue-gunned up some flowery pins, and pinned them around the collar, holding the slip in place and out of view. I also made the flower barette, but the butterfly is a clip-on Christmas ornament that we got today as we ran through Target.

Fancy-pants portraits were taken at the event, so I will post those at some point soon.

Antioxidants Within (Sined, Sinegh, From)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

While Za Was Ballet-ing

There was an empty dance studio and there were sunbeams and there was music in his head.

Ander Was Here

  • Potions found in the yard and the bathroom
  • Vowel chart found in Zaza's room

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Of Pipe Cleaners, Silver Foil, Egg Cartons, Hot Glue, and Two Chopsticks

The third grade "Our Community" unit ROCKS, man!

Somebody in another class used a stack of CDs to make the same building, and Ander didn't want to copy them, so he made pipe cleaner circles, and then wrapped those in silver foil.

Stability and support were not worked into the blueprint (no metaphor intended).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

School Halloween Faire 2009

Due to the fires in the Angeles National Forest, our 'picking grounds' were either crispy-fried or land-slid or barricaded, and so there was no Owl Service booth this year.

Which was a bit sad for the kids who look forward to it -- but it was honestly a bit of a relief for Lady J and I.

This year I would finally spend the day with Ander and Zaza at the Faire, doing crafts, bouncing in bouncy castles, eating our way through the bake sale table, maybe checking out the haunted house...

But in the end, I ended up being the Kid Wrangler for Miss Kitty's Daddy-O's photo booth (BOOOOOO!th), and Ander and Zaza were on their own until Dubbadad caught up with us.

I checked in with MKDO at the booth, handed Ander 25 tickets, and only saw him sporadically and out of the corner of my eye over the next three hours. I didn't get one picture of him. Amongst friends and familiar with the site (our future campus, still under construction), Ander meandered freely. He went through the Hotel of Horrors SIX times, drank THREE Izze sodas, scraped his elbows on the bouncy inflatable super-slide, played video games, had a cookies-and-cream ice cream on cinnamon cookies 'sandwich' from the coolhaus truck (and wisely brought me a peanut butter ice cream on oatmeal) -- and oh, he did eat ONE plum. He sort of kind of kept an eye on Zaza, and she in turn kept close to the photo booth, watching the costumed big kids chase each other and snacking with her own little kindergarten girl posse.

Dubbadad came to the rescue before whining had reached its shrillest pitch, and took Zaza to the bounce house and to get her face painted. In between those two activities, Zaza decided to let go of Dubbadad and walk herself back through the throngs to the photo booth. I was wrangling a family of seven, and saw her arrive as I adjusted the angle of two lightsabers. Dubbadad arrived shortly thereafter, white-faced and wild-eyed: there was a minor heart-attack (his) and a major meltdown (hers), and apologies, and lessons learned, and then there were certainly some bake sale items involved.

Meanwhile, I drank caffeinated beverages, lured toddlers onto the masking tape X on the green-screen drop cloth, wiped cupcake smudges off of costumes, forced teen-aged siblings to smile in family group shots, adjusted crowns, stuck out my tongue, crossed my eyes, and shouted motivational directions, like "C'mon! You're hungry for BRAINS! REALLY hungry! But sort of floppy and dead too! Floppier!" There was a bit too much sweating, and a lot of crawling around out of frame, and one disturbingly bloody costume, but overall it was pretty darn fun.

Blood, sweat, tears, screaming, and baked goods -- what more could one ask of a Halloween Faire?
Thanks to mr. and mrs. a-go-go for Za's Gocco'd shirt!

Friday, October 23, 2009

For the Wardrobe Mistress Over at the swiftness: Overalls

so yes, I guess he was that small, once upon a time...