Friday, November 27, 2009

Day-After-Thanksgiving Brunch at Poppy & Grandma's (With BOTH Sets of Doting Grandparents)

Poppy presented Zaza and Ander with medals for having been such excellent grandchildren over the past year, and as per usual, there was much eating, and trying on of hats and masks and canes and um, geodes...

Monday, November 23, 2009

While Ander and Zaza Were in School: Incognito at the Dome



At an early matinee?

Of this?


Must have been somebodies who looked a bit like us.

Somebodies much younger and more vapid.

(Coffee, my ladies, Arclight caramel corn, and a certain overexposed young Brit's jawline in 50-foot high def -- a near perfect morning...except for the SHAME!!!)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elves' Faire 2009: Having Missed Last Year's, Ander & Zaza Make the Most of Their Favorite Harvest-Time Event (with Lady J, Mistress I, & Master G)

on line for the Angel Room
waiting on Angels

security gnome (6'4", not including hat)
recycling/rubbish fairy

Pertinent words:

  • Tickets -- purchased (and purchased, and purchased...)
  • Saber -- pulled from stone, studied, passed over, and a cutlass was eventually purchased.
  • Bags -- labeled with family members' names and filled with wee gifts in the kids-only Angel Room
  • Angels -- ogled in statue form, and deferred to in the flesh (tween Waldorf students dressed in white robes help the little kids pick gifts)
  • Cakes and tea -- nom-nommed and slurped (daintily)
  • T-shirt (with eerily appropriate slogan) -- nabbed at Goodwill only the week before
  • Father Winter -- mobbed, as he passed out crystals
  • Monsters, vikings, gnomes, and trees -- chalked by A&A
  • Duels -- fought
  • Cutlass -- waved in victory
  • Security Gnomes and Trash Fairies -- patrolled
  • Playground -- invaded
  • Thor -- besmirched and applauded
  • Honey -- tasted
  • Medallions and candles -- painstakingly created
  • Stilts -- tried and tried and finally mastered
  • Masks -- coveted
  • Faces -- painted
  • Cookies -- devoured (also: ice cream, samosas, cantaloupe juice)
  • Sword-play -- played out
  • Trees -- climbed
Year before last's Faire, here.