Saturday, April 25, 2009

Circus Day 2009 at Rose Scharlin

I wore my Hat Day top hat and stripe-y socks (those are NOT my stripey legs above -- they are in fact the fishnet-covered legs of a male clown, thank you very much) and helped Lady J paint faces.

Ander and Zaza ran wild, and watched jugglers and aerialists, and made their own hula hoops, and with fists full of tickets they fed themselves hotdogs and cookies and juice bags. They ended up dusty and sticky and Ander had a bit of a bad tum, but it was a good, good day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ander's 8th Birthday Bash: The Morning After

7 AM.



And so there were cartoons.

ZaMeAnDad and Zaza arrived around 9AM to make excellent waffles.

And then the party guests got dressed, brushed teeth, stuffed their backpacks, claimed their goody-bags, found their shoes, and awaited pick-ups by parents.

Ander opened his gifts while they waited. He and I were really touched by all the love and understanding and thought that went into choosing the gifts -- his friends know him so well...

Ander's 8th Birthday Bash: Between 1 and 2 AM

There was popcorn and a not-so-short animated 'short,' and a full-length animated movie, and then a too-rambunctious-for-adults-at-midnight-after-a-day-of-party-prep cocoa and cookies session, and then there was some drawing in Ander's room (while jessica and i cooled our jets), and then I told them they could take books and drawing stuff with them, and that they didn't have to go to sleep right away, but that they had to get into their sleeping bags.

Which they did, without a fuss.
And then, with the lights turned down loooooow, I read them a bedtime story, and the air was gradually filled with the sound of deeeeep breathing, and within moments of each other (a bit eerie, that), they were all asleep.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ander's 8th Birthday Bash: After Dark & In Jammies Part 2 -- the Sugar-Burning Sleep-Inducing (ha) Pillow Fight

First pic is me laying down the "no hitting above the shoulders" law, and counting them down (3, 2, 1, FIGHT!!!).

Last pic is the constantly refilled (now with water) bottles. They bounced, they ran, they wrestled, they pillow-ed, and man oh man did they sweat and drink and sweat and drink.

Ander's 8th Birthday Bash: After Dark & In Jammies Part 1 -- Of Glowsticks, Glow Specs, Glow Bracelets & Necklaces

Ander's 8th Birthday Bash: Cake! Cake! Cake!

With his chest and chin thrust out, he sang, "Uh-huh. That's right. I'm awesome," as the giant-version-of-his-beloved-B&R-clown-sundae cake made its way to where he sat.

Ander's 8th Birthday Bash: Before Dark

  • Those bottles, filled with what they deemed "silly juice" (an insane number and mixture of packets of SUGAR-FREE but utterly artificial Crystal Light).

  • More snacks -- the thirst-quenching clementines were very popular.

  • The contents of the Junk Jar, spilled in preparation for the Recycled Creature Craft.

  • Creatures (awesome).

  • Not-quite-a-creature-but-still-built-from-recycled-bits-and-bobs.

  • Lots of bouncy castle use (yes, jek and I sneaked in for a kid-free bounce while they were all in the back on the swingset, but then Ander found us -- this was probably my favorite moment of the whole party).

  • Quilt silliness.

  • Fairy orbs (new for the party -- solar-powered and oh-so-cooooool).

  • Individually customized and entirely kid-made pizzas ready (a tad belatedly) to be eaten.