Monday, August 31, 2009

Oooooookaaaaaay: Thoughts on the Flu Whilst Running a High Fever

"You don't get the flu when you're dead...
...but then you can't drive a car...
...but if you're a skeleton, in the night you can drive a car."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Posted Over on the 'do

Dreaming of Back to School...

I may even be more excited than they are, but not for the usual burnt-out mom reasons. Wrote about it here, last year. And finally posted this on scrumdilly-do...

(photo shows the bags out of which we live during the school year, hanging in the mudroom)

What We Did That Hot, Hot Day (Before Pouring Water Over Their Heads and Heading to Foster's Freeze)

* indicates photo by Ander

August 19th, a bit later in the day than we had intended.

With cameras slung around our sunscreened necks, lugging water bottles and environmentally-gentle and recycled/repurposed art supplies (or things we hoped birds and folks without homes could use post-installation), we followed our Fearless Leader along the outskirts of Griffith Park, and behind a Rec Department tennis court, to a previously-scouted site...

Our first glimpse of the grotty-yet-magical pedestrian freeway overpass -- spanning the 5 -- ripe for some guerrilla art and urban beautification:*

The view from the overpass.* It was shockingly loud and windy and vibrate-y. We had to yell to hear each other.

Jessica and Zaza try for a jump photo.*

Fast-fast Zaza feet dancing on spray-painted graffiti (not ours, of course).*

Screeving, with jek's fab new bag in foreground. (I kept making everybody work on the down-sloping edges of the overpass, worried that if we were too far out in the middle of the span that some driver might mistake us for taggers and call the police...)

Ander's ubiquitous summer chapeau, hopefully not sitting in the dried-up-but-still-stinky pee that jek managed to sit in. (What sort of message are you sending to this City of Angels when you pee on a pedestrian bridge? "Please provide more public toilets" comes to mind...)

All my old scrap ribbon, finally put to good use. It was sooooo pretty flapping in the wind stirred up by the northbound traffic.

Ander modeling one of the faces he taped to the bars.

Za's (with bindi and hair bow).

Ander's (half man, half woman).

Zaza kept adding ribbon scraps to her hair (note Ander's rainbow chalking on the bars behind her).

We each decorated a dollar store umbrella and hung them from the chainlink 'ceiling,' with the hope that some hot and exhausted pedestrian would help themselves to one. (Wouldn't it be cool if we drove by somebody waiting at a bus bench in Echo Park, and they were holding 'Za's polka-dotted parasol?)

Finishing touches: spiralling scrap cardstock (from cutting out the faces) joined the ribbons on the vertical bars, and also dangled from the umbrellas like jellyfish tentacles.

More guerrilla art in the L.A. River basin.

Ander and Zaza ran ahead, stalking a Great Blue Heron.

Ander got there first, and took the best photos.*

'Za had a hard time giving up that last parasol. It was supposed to be hung at the opposite end of the pedestrian bridge from our installation, a taste of what was ahead: a quickly Sharpied "Look Around" surrounded by Zaza's slooowly and carefully drawn dots and circles.

Because that was the whole point really, for anyone who saw what we made, and for the kids, and for jek and I: just LOOK AROUND.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Even Hotter in Glendale (But They Have a Lego Store)

I have waited -- not so patiently -- for 6 years for this to happen.

Yes. YES! The Legos have come out of their tubs and stayed out, in piles, spread on trays on the dining room table, posed on desks and nightstands, painfully underfoot everywhere.

Not unexpectedly, Ander's focus is on the free-form creature-and-world-building aspects of Lego. Zaza is a bit more about the diagrams, but has built some gorgeous little houses of her own design.

Hence -- in search of more 'people parts' -- we made the trek inland today, to the blessedly air-conditioned indoor Glendale Galleria, lured by the colorful promise of the vaguely-yogurt-shop-like self-serve brick wall.

Ander decorated an old bowler for the occasion (thanks to Threadless for the "Nude No More" sticker), although a 98 degree day was perhaps not the time to venture forth in a black hat. His shirt (also Threadless) says, "If you're interested in time travel, meet me last Thursday."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, August 23

  • Freshly-inked t-shirt design
  • Fierce concentration whilst building a 'Lego Hideout'
  • Thorough checkups for a cartload of babies
  • Endless laundry
  • Dolly tea party
  • Tea party invaded by bears
  • Cooooookies by ZaMeAnDad
  • Playpool within leaping distance of swings
  • Mud glorious mud
  • For Poppy's 82nd birthday
  • Comic by Ander
  • Chapeau par Zaza