Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Day 2009: the Annual After-Christmas jek-gift-a-thon

jessica and I adore the stocking-stuffing aspect of the Holidays.


and we sorta kinda dig each other.

so we started doing this for each other, each year, and will hopefully do so forever.

(she is better at it.)

'stocking' is very loosely defined, by the way. last year and this year my goodies from jessica were in cuuuuute totes, and this year hers from me were mostly wedged into a loaf pan.

we take turns unwrapping each wee parcel, ooohing and aaahing over clever wrapping and tie-ons and ribbon and theme-y-ness, and basically driving ander and zaza insane with anticipation and jealousy. we can make it last an hour, no problem, what with the non-stop chatting and the sipping of coffee and all.

All wrapping and photos by jek.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

To Griffith Park with Dubbadad (Allowing Mommy to Wallow in Her Dayquil Haze, at Home, Under the Fuzzy Blanket)

Darn darn darn headcold/sinus-torture!

Dubbadad did some sort of live-streaming video thingy on his phone doohickey so I could see and hear them on the computer while they did the hike up to Fairytopia -- where they then (magically?) lost the signal.

And yes, Ander does love his new fuzzy fleecey zip-front pull-over. And of course he has hands, under there, um, somewhere.
Photos by Dubbadad

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trying Out the Stilts

She is Called Penelope...

...and if 'Za is
  • wearing a turquoise peace sign t-shirt (from Etsy)

  • wearing an owl-patterned skirt (from Etsy)

  • noshing on a bagel

  • playing the new keyboard (thank you, Grandma & Poppy!)

  • eating yogurt

  • reading a book

  • riding in the car

  • going to bed is Penelope.*

*who is not an $American$ $Girl$ $Doll$ with slightly-creepy visible incisors, but a ($25!!!) Costco-purchased (thank you, Tutu!) 18" Madame Alexander doll, who can wear all the gorgeous American Girl Doll clothes.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning: Further Evidence

Brass button found by Ander, age 8.5
(a believer amongst playground nay-sayers),
under the pillows on the sofa

It must have popped off his coat while he filled the stockings.

We will be sure to leave it on his cookie plate next year.

Christmas Morning: Evidence


Later, we found the empty reindeer food bowl outside, on the door mat...

Christmas Morning, Zaza-and-Ander-Style

We had kept them penned-up in Ander's room, in an attempt to hold off Christmas until Grandma and Poppy's arrival from across town.

But after we put out the bagels and toppings, and started the coffee and a crackling-good fire, and cranked up the heat for Grandma, and after I had a cup of coffee in me, we relented and let them out to ransack their stockings.

Grandma and Poppy arrived mid-ransack.

p.s.: Ander is pointing his Chicken Chucker at the camera there -- it catapults teensy rubber chickens

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, Ander-and-Zaza Style

Gifts made by Ander and Zaza for each other and for Dubbadad and myself:
  • A chicken in a fez, for he who loves both, from she who loves him mostest (Zaza's idea, made with considerable help from jessica, from jessica's supply of felted wool sweaters -- oh, and I made the Fez)
  • Pom-pom creatures, for she who loves everything he makes
  • A Sculpey-rific dude made for his superhero (and cheese) loving dad
  • "Happy Christmas! Love, Aliza" somewhat phonetically and rebus-ly written on a recycled box, along with a drawing of an acorn, and owl, and a mushroom (inside was a wee acorn-cosy necklace, crocheted by Lady J)
  • My very own Elephant and Piggie book, by he who best reads them aloud

...and then there was Chinese take-out eaten off of snowman plates, and Skype-ing of the Cousins in SNOWY Virginia, and then fresh lettuce was snipped from the garden to join nine baby carrots (store-bought) for the reindeer, and cookies and chocolate milk were left for Santa, stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and the sofa cushion was moved into Ander's room and made up as a cosy bed for Zaza, and then The Night Before Christmas was read, and then some Harry Potter & TOTP, and 'Za settled down for her long winter's nap, and then curly heads were kissed, and shortly thereafter there were visions of sugar plums dancing in sleeping heads...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Third Day of Winter Break: For Ander from Santa A-Go-Go (and Yes, He Wore it to Trader Joe's Afterwards...)

We were long overdue for a jessica visit.

And Za needed jek-style help* to bring her vision for Ander's Christmas gift to 3-dimensional life.

So we descended on the casita de go-go with eggnog lattes and chocolate milks, dumped the boy in the garden with paper and markers, and had a speedy-chatty christmas crafting session with she-who-knows-her-way-around-upcycled-sweater-poultry...

(Photo by jessica. Seasonal headgear previously seen here.)

*as used here, 'help' means 'doing the whole thing -- except for choosing materials and pushing the sewing machine pedal'