Friday, February 12, 2010

What He Made: Lovebots

He has been working away for almost three weeks, even bringing his Sculpey along on our snow trip -- though a full third of the 'bots were (of course) made last night.

He was a bit hampered speed-wise by his insistence that each Lovebot be unique, yet similar enough to avoid hurt feelings.

He had a very focused vision for this project.

No, he did not want to add pin-backs -- the 'bots were not jewelery.

He wanted the 'bots and the accompanying Reese's hearts to be visible as he passed them out, and so wanted them packaged in cello bags.

But in the end we couldn't find any cello bags at The Only Place We Ever Shop, and he settled for small red and white paper bags -- whose apparently very irksome non-transparency required an explanatory 'Contents' label (typed up in his own AnderFez font):

A Valentine's Day LOVEBOT
from the Laboratory of Alexander

I was permitted to prep the bags and handle labeling.

The last of the 'bots were baked after he went to bed last night, so he matched specific Lovebots to specific recipients in a delighted, bag-stuffing frenzy this morning.

He whispered, "Good luck!" or "Have a nice life!" to each one as he bagged it.

I was permitted to staple the bags shut
(pink staples, but of course!).

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  1. Hi! Came across this from a post at crafty crow, and just wanted to say the back story is heartwarming!

  2. Thanks so much, Hay!

    I had no idea the wonderful Crafy Crow had mentioned this project!

    Ander will be starting this year's Vamntines this week, so please visit us again!


  3. I believe you have my son's twin! My Parker LOVES clay, prefers sculptures to paintings for art. When he whispered the last words to the lovebots, I laughed out loud, that's exactly what my Parker does. Yay!