Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Silver Elf, a Support Group on the Tropical Moon, a Fieldtrip Culminating in a Dance with Zombies, and 31 Cent Scoops

This (above) is the result when you allow -- ahem -- encourage 23 third-graders to create their own characters, collaborate on a script, and design their own costumes.

We call it the Spring Theater Arts Showcase.

The play itself had something to do with rap-singing aliens blowing up the Earth, a support group for Earthling survivors on the Tropical (???) Moon, a friendly alien named Galaxar, and Peace People who use Banana Power to undo the damage to Earth and defuse a bomb headed for the Moon. The survivors included a rabbit, an old man who can turn into a chicken, Carl Quicksilver (a silver elf who lost a foot in the exodus), a shapeshifter, a "worrier," and a blue cat, amongst other far-out creatures with names like Coo Coo Bob, Boonga, and Kawenga.

Two other third grade classes and two 4th grade classes presented plays involving inter-dimensional travel, talking fruit, a group of Savers protecting the Rainforest, Dark Industrialists, volcanoes, Fashionable Teenage Resistance Fighters, and a field trip to a haunted ghost town featuring a performance of the iconic 'Thriller' dance (which freaked Zaza out a bit).

After nearly two hours of such psychedelia, it seemed perfectly normal to have ice cream, for dinner, in the car.

Monday, April 26, 2010

He Leaves Me Reminders

I told him that I think I found the critical piece he needs for his costume -- for Wednesday night's Theater Arts Showcase -- at Goodwill.

He agreed that it's just what he needs to become a silver elf.

He wanted to make sure I didn't forget to swing by and buy it.

Fingers crossed that it's still there.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


We haven't been to the Faire in three years. Three years?

We were due.

Once again, with Lady J and the Family G., and sans Dubbadad.

Ander remembered every tiny detail from his previous visit in a golden and positive light. Zaza remembered nothing, which was probably just as well.

Ander was already planning next year's Faire visit, when Zaza confessed that -- except for the hair-braiding -- she didn't much care for the Renaissance Faire.

Dubbadad shares 'Za's opinion -- his first visit (years before the kids were born) was his last.

Whereas Ander and I are probably a bit too close to weaving our own costumes and traveling with the Faire when it moves on.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Of Fairy Money, Lemonade Money, Dulcimers, and Ukes

He has lost two molars in as many weeks. I am so relieved they're out (I find the wobbly stage truly vomitous).

All proceeds from the lemonade stand at jessica's garage sale went to the a-go-go travel fund. (Never underestimate the power of a wee curly-haired lass to inspire folks to tip 75 cents on a 25 cent cup of lemonade...)

mr. a-go-go brought out all the ukuleles (even the home-made ones) and his newly-minted cookie tin dulcimer. dogs had fleas, and music was made.

And as soon as we got home, 'Za had Dubbadad tune my ukulele and then showed him what she had learned.

Yet another example of how jessica tosses multicolored pebbles into Ander and Zaza's days, and the ripples just keep on going.

***all garage sale pictures above are by the lovely and talented jek***