Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Bravery (His) and Moral Support (Hers)

After two skin biopsies at the dermatologist's office.

He really does look that crazed when he bites into something yummy. It reminds me a bit of this.

His: orange
Hers: red velvet

We watched the lion fish do back flips in the window tank at Crustacean while we waited to cross the street.

(You can see one of his band-aids on his elbow in the last picture -- the skin stuff was all benign.)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shirts by Ander, Packaging by Zaza

...making their way to Western Massachusetts today -- along with girl-baby hand-me-downs and some goodies for the houseguests a-go-go.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stilt-Walking, Mr. Bingo, and Ander & Zaza's Quidditch World Cup

by Ander

Class Types: Ref and 2 Players
Objects Needed: Chalk

How to Play -- this is a best-two-out-of-three game, so the player who wins two rounds wins the game
  1. First Round: Ref must draw 8 weird characters and a large clown on a front walk. Players must then throw bits of chalk. Depending on what character the chalk lands on, the player must hop forward on the characters according to the number of syllables in the character's name. The first player to reach the large clown and shout "Mr. Bingo!" wins that round. Other players may yell "Mr. Bingo!" first for a chance at winning.
  2. Second Round: Players must doodle things in chalk. At any time a player may draw the large clown. If any of the other players see this and shouts "Mr. Bingo!" they win, but if nobody notices (because they are too busy making their own doodles) and the person who drew the clown finishes the drawing and shouts "Mr. Bingo!" first, they win.
  3. Third Round: The Ref calls out different dances, and players must do them. At any time the Ref may call out "Mr. Bingo!" and players must freeze. The player that moves is out, and the other player wins.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It Took Him (and Yes, Me) All Day: His Name is Salamander, and He Still Needs a Mouth

Ander is an EXCELLENT pattern-reader. Seriously, excellent.

I did the cutting with a rotary cutter, and would never have made the right number of bits if he hadn't been there correcting me. And the one fiddly bit of sewing I had to take over? When the limbs get attached after they have been stuffed? Well I TOTALLY would have sewn them inside the body if he hadn't read the pattern better than I had. (I had to rip seams and do it over.)

Besides that, he did all the sewing, by hand, and all the tricky bitsy stuffing.

Now we just need to make bodies for all those other sets of eyes, hmm?

Friday, June 25, 2010

What We Purchased at International Silks and Woolens

Ander has plans.

Dubbadad has xeroxed copies of pattern pages from this book.

Ander has also helped Zaza design a pattern of her own, so that copycat-ness will be kept to a minimum.

But we needed creature-worthy fabric, and as jessica is on the road and her stealable stash is in storage, we took a trip to our nearest fabric shop.

This was less an errand than a Proper Outing. International Silks and Woolens is a like a great, padded museum of fabric.

It's an ENORMOUS store, with high-high ceilings, and a floor devoted to patterns. Some of the fabrics have gems sewn into them. And real gold thread. There are buttons on the box-filled wall in the Notions Room that each cost more than Ander's new Crocs. And the silk flowers! And ribbon! And the bolts and rolls of fabric go up and up and up, and the sounds are all muffled, and you can dash down the cloth canyons, and you can hug bolts to your chest and carry them to the cutting tables, and the ladies make the scissors go skishhhhhh through the cotton, and it all smells gooooooood.

Ander's enthusiasm was contagious. There was much oohing and aaahing and petting of smooth and bumpy and furry and tassly things. But once he found that rainbow-splotched fabric, his quest was through.

While most of the customers are costume-makers/designers and other film-folk, the vibe is not a bit snooty: nobody hovers or follows you around; nobody raises a snarky brow at amateur questions or eensy projects. The entire staff is kind and helpful.

In fact, the manager was so happy to see children picking things out for a sewing project that he let us have whatever we wanted from the remnants box. For free. (So, besides what's pictured here, we came home with a chunk of purple silk, a big piece of pink fleece, and some blue tie-dyed jersey.)

Ander also found many, many sets of potential creature eyes, which he decided to name.

Tomorrow we sew.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hopefully Not Typical of the Rest of Our Summer

photo by Za, with her Fisher Price camera, sometime last year

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And With the Sprinkler Turned On, It Was Officially SUMMER

Three extra soon-to-be Fourth Grade girls.

Someday soon he will appreciate the ratio, but for now, 'Za did.

But of Course: There Was Ice Cream Afterwards

Build-your-own Sundaes, with four flavors of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and maraschino cherries.

Last Day of Third Grade; Last Day of Kindergarten

Ander's class had finally finally finally managed to fill the jar with reward marbles, thus earning a Last Day costume party.

(Though, to be perfectly honest, he would have worn this exact get-up on his last day of school, regardless.)