Sunday, June 13, 2010


A month* late...

I saw this over here before Zaza's party, and pitched it to her as an idea for thank-you notes. She was very enthusiastic about the idea, and about the flower picking (lavender, nasturtiums, dandelions), and about the pouring and mixing of the liquid watercolors, but she was less enthusiastic about completing the whole job in one sitting, and the sitting itself for that matter.

(I know, I know: this is where I should have gone out and bought a box of thank-you notes. But no.)

She wrote her first THANK YOUs or THANK YOOs on the front of the cards using the stem of a lavender blossom as a dip-pen (her idea, and it worked very well). She switched to her 'Ginny Weasley' quill to finish the job today.

The dandelions proved to be the best brushes and stampers.

I wrote the 'insides' of the cards, with 'Za printing the name of each gift within my block of text, and signing her name on each card.

Threats were made. Guilt was employed. Rules were bent.

And they are finished. She will put them in the mail slot herself in the morning.

*shhhh -- don't tell my mom: Last week I found Ander's thank-yous from his EIGHTH birthday (LAST YEAR's) buried in the bottom-most layer of my in-box. He had worked so hard on them, and they had apparently been tidied into a pile (my fault), so I sucked it up and mailed them out a year after the fact...

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  1. that is such a nice little thank you card made from a little girl. i like the spattered paint.