Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nectarines on the Glider

Because summer fruit tastes better outdoors. (And because both nectarines and children are drippy.)

Mirrors in the Bathrooms (Ander Reminds His Sister and Himself to Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene)

That's "special molar brush" -- the wonderful Doctor Sadie gave 'Za a weird little brush just for brushing her emerging 6 year molars.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today, as Described in an E-Mail to a Friend Who Doesn't Read the Blog

dropped kids off, drove to Target, grabbed Ander a dress shirt & fedora at target, drove back to school, helped Ander wrangle outfit for dance performance, pulled 'Za out of class to watch dance performance, attended said performance, brought Zaza home, made lunch, played beauty salon & pediatrician, drove back to school to fetch boy, drove back to Target to return vetoed suit jacket, drove to comic book store for Dubbadad's comics, drove home, tidied before math tutor arrived, washed day's dishes, cleaned cat box, entertained 'Za while tutor was here, micro'd kids' dinners, consoled self that at least there were green beans involved, fed & bathed kids, made sweet potato frittata and salad for Dubbadad and self, ate dinner, consoled self that at least there was an oven and stove-top involved, put 'Za to bed (fell asleep with her), washed dinner dishes, and sat down to type this.

Ander Soft-Shoes His Way Through The Tap-Dancing Unit Demo

They have been studying the history and evolution of tap, and the unit culminated in a performance choreographed to and inspired by "Singin' in the Rain."

(Ander had hoped they would do "Make 'em Laugh" instead, but there you go.)

(We'll just say his wearing his hat so low on his head is his tribute to Donald O'Connor in that number, shall we?)

The dance teacher provides the tap shoes. There was only one pair of size Ginormous tap shoes, and Ander's best buddy -- the Chicken Dude -- nabbed them first.

The kids were supposed to come up with their own costumes, taking their lead from Gene Kelley, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. After discovering (this morning) that Ander's old thrift store tux was about 4 inches too short in the pants and arms, and that his wardrobe completely lacks a plain white dress shirt -- and after a heated discussion about how much a purple plastic sparkly bowler hat and/or a fez are not what the dance teacher meant by 'old Hollywood glamour' -- I had to dash off to Target for a hat and shirt between morning drop-off and the performance (the tie was thrifted a while back).

As much as he hates the word 'handsome,' and despite the faux Crocs, I think he kind of rocked this admittedly more-Sinatra-than-Kelley look.

And he had so. much. fun.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

At Last

It's been dangling for a month now.


But Here's What They Will Remember About Today


We finally, finally did this.

I think Ander received the Geyser Tube kit the Christmas after our trip to Hawaii, almost two years ago. (We had seen it demo'd at a museum talk about volcanos.) We just don't buy anything in 2 liter bottles. Ever. But Dubbadad made a special trip, and a bottle of Diet Coke was sacrificed.

Look out -- it's a bit loud, what with me cackling and Ander scuh-reeeeeaming.

And I just love how Ander cuts me off and runs inside for his microscope. Seriously, interrupting-type-rudeness aside, he is running to get his microscope.

Flying (Like a Purple Kite)

On the hill at the Page, on the way back to the car.

Asian Brush Painting in the Temporary Boone Children's Gallery

Za painted a dragon like the one in the mural. And a panda (PEDU).

Ander is in the midst of a brush painting unit in school, and schooled us in the various ways to hold the brush. He left his painting behind in the hope that it would join the ever-evolving collage of left-behind art that covers one wall of the gallery.

(It's obviously been a while since I used a paintbrush for anything other than painting kids' faces.)

(And it's been a long while since I last saw a Totoro.)