Thursday, July 29, 2010

After Gymnastics, After Griffith Park: the Yamashiro Farmer's Market

High above Hollywood. The site of my first date with Dubbadad.

After Griffith Park: a Near-Private Brother-Sister Gymnastics Class

Griffith Park, Fern Dell Entrance

eeBoo pencils, coloring pages from the good folks over here. But mostly they were busy eating snake dogs (hot dogs on a stick wrapped in puff pastry), and gathering data for this.

Zaza and I were just remembering our last visit to Trails with jessica, and then she called! All the way from Utah (or was it Idaho?). Just to check on us. Sniffle.

Also there on the picnic table is a postcard advertising the farmer's market at Yamashiro.

Parks and Rec was kicking up dust and cleaning and clearing across the road. This is what they found in the underbrush.

Ander remembered that his art teacher and Zaza's afterschool teacher were running their summer art camp in the park today. We tracked them down, said hey, and checked out the day's project. But the highlight of the visit was meeting Meep, a baby hummingbird. The campers were taking turns feeding him sugar water using a syringe. Every now and then he would flutter his too-chubby wings in that distinctive hummingbird figure-eight motion. Squeeeeeeee!

These were everywhere in the Fern Dell.

What are these? They were about the size of an apple, and were red on the inside. The tree had round leaves that were almost as large as dinner plates...

Playing Poohsticks. (We stopped trying to determine who won once we noticed the ginormous dead rat stuck in the shallows just below the bridge.)

Crouching Ander, Hidden Zaza.

Bye-bye, random hiking trail ice cream vendor.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Before Miss Kitty Came Over to Play

Zaza with her 'morning hair'...

  • licking the scone batter off the spatula

  • laughing at Ander as he asks Sakura-the-Robot ridiculous questions

Monday, July 26, 2010

With Arnica on Her Cheek & Under Her Tongue (the Restorative Power of Savory Crepes, Chicken Mole, Plantains, Horchata, & Fresh Strawberries)

Worth Every Penny of the 50 Cents it Cost Me (the Healing Power of Coin-Op Dragons)

Zaza did an EPIC header into her doll bed today.

I was sitting in the living room, and had a hideously clear view of her running full-out into her room, tripping, and then hitting the corner of the doll bed face-first, hard enough that I saw her head snap back from the force of the impact.

I ran to her, flipped her over (Ander ran for the boo-boo kitty in the freezer -- such a pro).

I was certain it was her eye. And/or her nose.


And it so so so nearly was.

But my girl has adamantium cheekbones.

(the human skull is an amazing, amazing thing)

There wasn't even any blood -- just tears, weirdly rectangular redness, some slight swelling, and huge globs of pure luck.

She's crazy-brave, 'Za is, and will fib about how much things hurt, so I kept rubbing her face and asking her to make silly faces, watching her closely to see if she flinched or clenched her teeth or held her breath. But she could scrunch up her face and move her jaw and widen her eyes. Nothing seemed broken.

(the human skull is an amazing, amazing thing)

After the crying stopped (her) and the adrenaline wore off (me) we decided this was the universe's way of telling us we needed to get out of the house.

Thus today's outing was pretty much a black-eye preventing Quest for Arnica Gel.

There used to be a coin-operated ice cream truck that played Japanese nursery songs, here, between the drug store and Whole Foods. Later there was a car with Ernie and Bert in it. Now there's this dragon. And magically, every creature or vehicle that has stood outside this particular drugstore over the course of Ander and Zaza's long lives has provided a looooong and soothing ride for a quarter.

That Ander and Zaza wanted to ride today completely surprised me.

I was surprised, and delighted, and grateful.

Ginormously, EPIC-ly grateful to be out and about with them -- to not be in the E.R. -- and to witness that glimmer of their delightful and delight-able younger selves.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Perfect Storm of Anderness: The Doctor and a FEZ

OKay so I can't figure out how to format this so the whole window appears in the post.



(update: Thanks, Dubbadad!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Less Adventurous

I was a bit under the weather today. (I blame that beachside Port-a-Potty.)

I managed to make French toast. Ander and Zaza made their own fun.

These projects and games just materialized on the table, with no requests for help or direction. This is a big deal, for 'Za especially. (When I saw her trying to get bits of pipe cleaner to adhere to wood using a glue stick, I offered to fire up the glue gun.)

When the crafting morphed into a story, I heard Ander explain, "He's not a bad guy -- he's the antagonist. He's just the person having conflict with the other characters." (My English-Major heart swelled...)

Rather than be the antagonist -- and I'm feeling pretty crabby and sore-throat-y and downright conflict-y -- I think I'll brush my hair and get us out of the house for a sand-purging car-wash and walk down Melrose.

Full disclosure: there has also been Wii-ing (mostly Fit, but also some Kart) and Chowder-ing. Did I mention I feel icky today?