Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now That Ander is Finally Okay with Being Left in the Ikea Ball Room, He is Too Tall to be Allowed In. Thus: While Aliza was in Smaland

Inspired by cup-stacking classes in the after-school program, and of course by this...

And yesyesyes he wore the fez throughout Ikea, and yes, he is a noun.



"They say that good things come in threes. And they are filthy liars trying to blind us with their demon numerology and unholy counting theory. Good things come in all sorts of numbers. Like two."
-- the weepingly funny Jorge, for the OK Go newsletter

Monday, September 27, 2010

You Can Tell Dubbadad is Not Home if This is Where the Dinner Table Conversation Ended Up

Him: "So what does breast milk taste like? I can't remember."

Her: "I wish you could make some now."

(Wet nurses are briefly discussed.)

Him: "You know, if every mammal makes milk, it's kind of surprising that somebody hasn't tried to sell -- I don't know -- weasel milk or something. You could make a lot of money!"

(The difficulties involved in the milking of weasels, elephants, and tigers are briefly discussed.)

How did we end up here?

We started off talking about business trips, and how lots of parents take trips away from their families, and how I haven't been on a business-related trip in about 15 years. Which led to me remembering the last time I flew on a plane by myself (seven years ago), and the wedding I flew to, and how I brought pictures of wee Ander along with me. Which led to Ander and I remembering a wedding we drove to when Zaza was a newborn, and how I had pumped a huge supply of milk and stored it in the freezer and left 'Za with Dubbadad and Grandma for the weekend, and how Zaza had cried for two days straight.

All of which quite logically lead to a discussion of the pros and cons of weasel-milking.

Broken (To Be Fixed); Discarded (To Be Put Away)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playing 20 Questions to Guess Poppy's Halloween Costume

This was Ander's first real game of 20 questions. He blew a bunch of his first questions asking things like, "Are you bottle? No? A caterpillar?"

(It turns out that Poppy is going to be a King.)

After deep-dish pizza from Masa. (Why yes, we did drive East to bring fine pizza pie to the West.)

Film History Via Poppy's Weekend Matinee Series: the Screwball Comedy

Verbal sparring, swell costumes, and a good dose of physical comedy.

(Such is life with Ander and Zaza.)

Not that Toast and Melted Cheese is Necessarily What One Craves in 100+ Degree Weather

...but Ander and Zaza do love them a good food truck... (This is probably their favorite though.)

Za's was traditional American on white, but the rest of us had sharp cheddar cheese and granny smith apple on sourdough -- gaaaaahhhhhh....

Time to Go: Her Resting Temp is 97.6, So When She Gets Hot, She Gets Really Really Hot

Shave Ice Helped a Bit: Cherry & Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon & Lime

The Real Reason We Braved the Heat and Went to the Book Fair: Uncle Steve Emceed and Read at the Children's Stage

Commedia dell'Arte at the West Hollywood Book Fair

After a (measly, one-block) walk from the parking structure in the record-high heat, the shady area blocked off for the audiece was a major draw...

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sun and the Silence: Before They're Up, After They're at School

Just the crows and the squirrels squabbling in the oak tree, and the thoomthoomthoom of the drier.

For E

Personally I think he really captured him (though -- as seems to be the norm in the torturous realm of portraiture -- the subject didn't think so).

Ander's more realistic style here reminds me a bit of her faux "outsider" art.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Because He Inhales His Breakfast, and She Dawdles Distractedly

Shall we avert our eyes from the dresses and bath mats drying over the backs of the dining room chairs? Yes, let's shall...

Ander is required to keep Zaza company at breakfast.

(Yes, required. It's all part of my Diabolical Plan to Enforce Sibling Harmony -- bwahahahaha!)

While I wash breakfast dishes and fill water bottles, he reads to her -- and I get to listen through the Dutch door.

Usually it's a Piggie and Gerald book (my favorite is this one), or a Golden Book (her favorite is this one, but his favorite to read aloud is this one).

Today it was Fox in Socks.

As he finished a particularly challenging and twisty passage full of bricks and blocks sirs, I overheard this exchange:

"Wow. I can't believe I read that!"

"You're a good reader." (Crunch of cereal)

"Thanks." (pause) (and then Ben bends Bim's broom and Ben's bent broom breaks...)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feverish Back-Posting

Aaaaaaaah yessssssssss: bobbing limply in the rising tide of back-to-school germiness are we three (Dubbadad has dodged)...

We are snorfle-y and wheezy and feverish. And so are our far-flung friends, up the coast and across the globe. (I blame another Icelandic volcano ash-cloud.)

And so I back-post, back through September, scrolling through August, pining for my summer companions.

Scroll, scroll, scroll...

(photo taken on our front porch by jek)