Sunday, October 31, 2010

THIS is Halloween

Candy was swapped.

Miss D. was a zombie hippie and Little Miss S. was a teacher.

UPDATED AGAIN: A Gargoyle and a Girl Bat (Not Bat Girl)

What really brought Ander's costume together was the faux-stone textured spray-paint we accidentally discovered at OSH. I sprayed his shoes, his wings, and his entire sweatsuit (Dubbadad had to run out today to get another can).

I drew the crude 'musculature' -- based on a gargoyle statue in Ander's room -- onto the sweatshirt with a Sharpie first.

His makeup/prosthetics/bald-cap took almost two hours to apply,* and looked better in person than in these pictures (there was a grey undercoat and a top coat of black speckles that was sponged on). We made up his hands as well, and polished his nails with grey polish.

There were also horns (also spray-painted), but somehow both Ander and I forgot all about them until we were half-way to Poppy and Grandma's.

And yes, I totally lucked out that Zaza's requested costume was so low-fuss. She made up her mind at the beginning of the month, and never veered. So I ordered her leotard (a good, lined Capezio that she can use for ballet class this winter), and her wings, found the child-sized elbow gloves at a party supply store, pulled leggings out of her drawer, and re-shaped mouse ears I had made for a ballet recital into crinkly bat ears.

She did get her nails painted (black). She decided to keep the eye makeup and cheek shading she had sketched out this morning, but ditched the hairline change and the hair in a low bun.

I was a little worried about the amount of attention I knew Ander's costume would garner, and how sad and/or jealous this might make Aliza feel, so -- while I did her makeup and Dubbadad applied his own -- I told her the story of the year my brother wore a super-spectacular Jawa costume. My mom had made him a very authentic brown hooded robe, and my dad rigged two tiny light bulbs, some wire, and a battery, and made him fully-operational glowing eyes. I, on the other hand (already looking too old for Halloween as a very tall ten year-old), forgot my angel wings and had to trick or treat in a plain white dress with a flower headband. People went crazy for my brother's costume, and then sort of smiled politely and tossed a packet of candy corn into my bag.

Za sort of shrugged off the story. (And as it turned out, people were lovely to her, and told her her costume was very spooooky.)

While we waited for the Family I. to arrive for tandem trick-or-treating in Poppy & Grandma's fancier neighborhood**, Ander and Zaza perched amongst P&G's outdoor Halloween decor. They did this for half an hour.

Ander and Zaza stood still.

For thirty minutes.

Mostly squatting. (Ouch.)

Most trick-or-treaters didn't even realize Ander and Zaza were real as they walked past them to the front door. Then A&Z would dramatically change position while the trick-or-treaters' backs were turned, so when they walked back past them they freaked out. A few took pictures. A few actually took off running.

*He and 'Za watched Annie
**Pretty much guaranteed to score some full-size candy bars in lah-tee-dah 'Comstock Hills'

Mad Hatter (Hattress?) Costume in Progress; Pogo-Sticking in the Backyard

There were also purple and black striped tights and purple fingerless gloves and purple false eyelashes and mismatched button earrings.

Nobody knew what I was.


Obviously, my hat wasn't big enough.

(jek: nothing was glue-gunned, just pinned, so Clare's amazing poppy brooch is alive and well...)

Zaza's Halloween Makeup Brainstorming Sketchathon

Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song

There were: first drafts, complete redesigns, the realization that the bumpy pumpkin and the green pumpkin required a chain saw to carve, and not-so-tasty roasted seeds (anybody have a decent recipe? ours -- buttered and salted -- tasted burned, baking at 300 degrees for 1/2 an hour...).

Ander was in charge of "guttsing" the pumpkins -- and also in charge of grossing out Aliza while doing so.

As I tossed triangular chunks of pumpkin flesh into the big yellow-ware bowl, translating grease-pencil sketches into faces that could actually be cut into pumpkin hide, breathing in the smell of pumpkin guts and toasting seeds and candle wax, I could feel time telescoping -- and I could almost smell the pumpkin-soaked newspaper (remember newspaper???), almost see my dad as he hunched over, wielding the sharpest kitchen paring knives, carving jack o'lanterns, sketching wicked, grinning faces on the seed-spattered classifieds.