Monday, February 28, 2011

But Then

Hollywood Photo Safari, April 2009

Dubbadad had to work yesterday.  That -- and the constant drone of the hovering TV helicopters -- were the only in-house clues as to the goings-on at Hollywood and Highland.

But after baths and pajamas (and after the admittedly-delicious vapidity of the red carpet arrivals were neatly recorded for later child-free viewing) I asked A&A if they might actually like to see what all the fuss was about.  

Oh yes yes yes they would like to see.  

What these DVR-raised little people were actually excited about was being allowed to watch something they had never seen before, something full of fancy grown-ups, something that grown-ups watched, something slightly 'inappropriate' perhaps (featuring snippets of movies they weren't allowed to see), something streaming (mostly) live into our living room.

We talk a lot about the meaning of the word "beauty," and we have long discussions about what it is in somebody that motivates them to seek fame, to need it.  

So as we settled in, I asked them to pay special attention to all the people who are not paid to be in front of a camera, and to think about how hard they have worked doing something they love.

And I started blathering about how people travel from all over the world to camp out on Hollywood Boulevard just to watch a hand wave out a window, and how this show and those waving hands are just not that important from a global perspective, but, um, it is fun to see the clothes and hear the speeches --

-- but then I bit down on my uggghhhhhhhh-the-stoooopid-detours-around-Hollywood-this-whole-darn-week jadedness and my oh-yeah-riiiight-you're-paid-to-cry-and-i'm-supposed-to-believe-you're-moved-to-tears cynicism, and I reminded myself that Ander and Zaza really do have a healthy perspective and that (just like a steel-town or an oil-town) this is our town's industry, an industry that has fed and clothed two generations of this family, and I shut up and pushed PLAY. 

Can I just say?: 


Despite the weird hosting thing, and Melissa Leo's continuing trip down Wince-Inducing Lane, watching the Academy Awards with two little people who had never seen an awards show -- who had not even seen any of the nominated live-action films -- was thrilling.  

They loved the sets and the projections.  They bounced in their seats waiting for envelopes to be opened.  They whispered "hurryhurry" when speeches went too long and the music swelled.

Yoiks! That clip from "The Wolfman" was pretty creepy!

That lady hosting? Who got to wear so many amazing dresses and a tuxedo too?  She was the White Queen!!! Her!!!

And those real people singing a duet? That was Rapunzel and Flynn!

Hahahaha the boy-host dressed up as Marilyn Monroe! Cuh-ray-zee!

And that whole faux-musical Auto-Tune bit with characters from Harry Potter and Twilight singing? Awe-summ! (And totally worth re-winding and re-playing 3 times).

Ander was touched (hand to his chest, eyes shining) every time a recipient teared up or referenced their parents.

Aliza said she hadn't really thought about actors being people who exist outside of a movie. (I could just imagine how Dubbadad would have fielded that one)

Tonight we'll watch the second half together, and I can't wait.  (But yes, I already watched the rest after they were in bed...)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Down the Street -- and Light Years Away -- from the Red Carpet

The making of the game pieces lasted longer than the actual playing of the board game.

And I suspect the setting up of the world in Ander's room* lasted longer than the story that unfolded across its terrain.  

*I overheard the big kids discussing how the Monster High doll had to "eat a dinosaur.  Again. (sigh)...."  

The cow, horse, elephant, rooster, and dogs appeared to be relieved. The giraffe, Pez dispenser, paintbrush and Domo just looked the other way.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Once Upon a Time He Was First Chair

Marching, dancing, tambourine and kazoo-playing ensued.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Sayonara, Hotel Tomo

A Last Outing

The Peace Plaza and Kintetsu Mall, pretty much across the street from our hotel in Japantown.

(Such a contrast with Chinatown.)

Someday we will come back for their Cherry Blossom Festival.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not So Organ-Like (More Toilet-Flushy)

The Wave Organ.
A bit of a schlep, but ultimately worth it.

These Were Meant to Show the Bridge as Well

The Palace of Fine Arts


Young girls selling cookies and sodas.

Couples posing for engagement and wedding photos.

But mostly we look up.

Up at those strong-shouldered ladies (do they have faces, i wonder?).

Up at the clouds blowing by, across that expanse of blue between the colonnades -- blowing by so fast that you feel the earth spinning.

Ander Said Perhaps We Shouldn't Blink

Built for this.
Two stories tall, but still reminding us of them.

The Exploratorium

It was mostly how I remembered it from my own childhood visits and fieldtrips -- the frozen shadow thingy is still there, as is the pendulum art, and the echo tube, and the room that makes you look giant -- though I am fairly certain there are a zillion more things to see and do than there were back then. 

(Ander's vest is reversible, btw)