Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Haircut (More Tatou Than Hepburn, and 100% 'Za)

Per her request:
  • "up to my cheeks"
  • "not in the way when I run or draw"

This is its curliest, post-spritz-of-water form.  (Today it was more tousled and piece-y, and the bangs were spiky.)


  1. Greeblygreebly2:23 PM

    That is just darling! My daughter is forever trying to straighten her curls, drives me batty.

    So nice to have a short cut when it gets hot out, better for swimming weather too.

  2. what a wonderful feeling to have a good hair cut.
    (looks like summer there. warms me up just looking at it.)

  3. g:
    i think we lucked out that the head of her preschool -- who 'za adored -- had curly-curly hair (and pretty much this exact haircut). that, and the fact that she is reminded on a near-daily basis (by her family as well as total strangers) that ladies the world over spend a lot of money to get their hair to look like hers seems to have instilled some curl-pride.
    it was in the upper seventies over the weekend, but breezy, so it was warmest right there, inside the hedge, on the front path. she was starting to get sunburned, and threw a bit of snit about putting on a sweater, so the parasol was a compromise... (i was sitting on the front steps in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt and cardigan... )
    today it's supposed to reach 81 degrees... does this mean i should put away the corduroy and wool?

  4. She does have the soft doe eyes of ms. hepburn herself.
    and her curls, well i am so jealous!
    Blue or not.

    It was in the 60's here today, and we took a much needed zoo trip.
    You're welcome to stop in and take a look at my pictures. =)


  5. mommyswag!
    congratulations on the new camera and the blog remodel! i love the photo with the metallic nails and the blob of flecked playdough (i think that's what's in the hand???)....
    gahhhh we haven't been to the zoo since summer! what's wrong with me???