Monday, October 31, 2011

Dumped, Compared, Traded, Consumed

Trick or Treat

In Poppy and Grandma's neighborhood, as per always...

They based their decision regarding when to stop on how heavy their buckets had become.

Two Hogwarts Ghosts, Two Masked Venetians

Aliza was Moaning Myrtle, and so I was the Grey Lady (ghost of Ravenclaw Tower).

Dubbadad and I kind of forgot that -- as Poppy and Grandma weren't having their party this year -- we didn't really have to be in costume.  

Ghost of Halloween Past

Halloween in Aliza's Class (Alexander Had the Day Off)

Another mom and I helped out with 'Pumpkin Math':
they had to estimate the weight and circumference of four hollowed-out pumpkins, and then guess the number of seeds that had come out of each.  
Meanwhile, this guy lurked in the library, out of sight, 
so as not to distract from all that estimating.
When the math folders were all put away, I gave him his cue, and he swept up to the front of the classroom.  He just stood there, eerily, staring around, and then he croaked, "Happy Halloween." Some of the kids had guessed who it was (because he's a rock star after all), and some were juuuuuusssst starting to be freaked out, and then he threw off the mask and cloak and said "IT'S ME!" and they clapped.
He read the new Piggie and Gerald (while wearing a rubber a pig nose),
and then read this old favorite.
They had planned and choreographed the whole thing together.
  She was so proud.
After school we still needed 'proper school shoes' for Za's Halloween costume, and so we stopped at the Target mall for pumpkin smoothies.
We're ready, Halloween!!!

Uncharacteristically Minimalist: Halloween Decor 2011

With all the plastering and painting and sanding going on around here, the six (SIX!) boxes of Halloween decorations never made it out of the garage.  I just couldn't bear to add to the mess.  But it broke Ander's heart a bit, yes, it did. 
Before she left for school this morning,
Aliza made her soft toys into ghosts...
I never got to take a picture of these while lit up -- and they're already molding only 2 days after being carved!
For the first time, he was permitted to do the actual carving

 with an actual (and very sharp) knife

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Pickles & Parties: Poppy & Grandma are Back from New York

The pickles were worth the wait --
crisp, salty, sour, and garlic-y
Seasonally Appropriate Belated Birthday Party wine selection

A Day-Before-Halloween-Playdate