Sunday, February 26, 2012

...and the Oscar Goes to...

It wasn't quite the same experience as last year, but Alexander approved of "Jimmy Diamond's" (Billy Crystal's) hosting.

Of all the nominees in various categories, Ander and Zaza had only seen "Kung Fu Panda 2," "Rango" (which we just saw Friday night), "Rio," "The Muppets," "Hugo," "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," and this.  And when William Joyce's melancholy Valentine to books won -- as we knew/hoped it would -- they clapped and cheered.

They also liked all the French folks and their charming speeches, and Kermit and Miss Piggy, and the bit with the cymbals, and Emma Stone, and especially the Cirque du Soleil segment.

We -- okay mostly me, but I'd like to believe that it was contagious --- were super-excited to have sat in that very theater (we could see our Cirque seats whenever the camera pointed up into the audience).

We had pizza and cheesecake, and only paused the show to brush teeth and get into jammies.

We had no idea why Bret McKenzie was in the audience until he took the stage to accept his Oscar for writing/composing "Man or a Muppet" -- and I looked at Aliza and said, "Aliza: Maintenant le voyage au supermarche!  Pamplemousse!"  The recognition spread over her face and she was doubly happy: a win for the Muppets AND Foux du Fafa!!!

When Meryl Streep thanked her husband first, Ander launched himself across the living room at me, because he said he could sense impending weepiness on my part.  (He sensed correctly.)

They went to bed after the last award -- an hour past her bedtime -- with the drone of the press helicopters still buzzing away, low in the night sky above our neighborhood.

Before We Picked Up Ander from His Overnight at the Chicken Dude's

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Passing the Time Whilst I Made French Toast

(trying for this pose, over and over)

Yay for Photo Booth!!!

(There is no shortage of nostrils or eyebrows in this family...)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He Had a Four Day Weekend; She Did Not

Aliza's teacher is at a conference this week, but we set this up before she left
(Jiji is their math computer program)
There was a dance break after this story
(first, robot dancing...)
(...then "wiggle-waggle" dancing)
They squooshed right up against his knees
She whispered along with his reading, mostly watching them watch him
Afterwards, we handed out activity packets
(Ander couldn't resist updating the white board)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Most of the Long Weekend Went Unphotographed

Ander and Zaza had a long overdue (once de rigueur) overnight with Poppy and Grandma, complete with art-making, and a Chinese feast, and cherry pie, and foamy bawths, and a loooooong screening of "The Wiz," and a board game, and an epic brunch the next day (to which Dubbadad and I were invited).

We drove all around the Westside looking for a just-right basketball court -- park (too crowded), grammar school (locked), junior high (locked) -- and finally found it, tucked away, hidden beyond the track, behind chain-link fences and a serendipitously unlocked gate, at Dubbadad's old high school (a makeshift half-court, probably set up for construction workers building the new gymnasium).  Dubbadad schooled the boyo, while Aliza -- whose arm was still hurting after a cartwheeling accident last weekend -- and I watched from a peeling orange bench (that I ached to photograph, but phone-less and camera-less, could not).  

There was also a trip to The Only Place We Ever Seem To Shop to spend Valentine's gift cards on Gogos and this awesomeness (thank you, Tutu and Grandad!).  

There were piano lessons.  Peg people were made at some point, as were two spectacular pillow-and-blanket-and-chair forts.

And as that arm was still bothering her, there was a trip to the doctor and the Imaging Center for 'Za: despite some late-to-show-up swelling, her wrist wasn't actually fractured.  Phew (or as 'Za says, "Phewf"). Best parts of the afternoon at the hospital?  For Aliza: the lollipop from Dr. B., and the x-ray tech letting her see inside her arm.  For me: that Aliza's wrist is just fine (after a week of me saying it was 'probably' nothing -- ohmygoshhhh what if it hadn't been?), and Dr. B. looking positively stunned that I didn't already have a pediatric orthopedist on speed-dial (knock on wood).

Somewhere along the way we took a hike/jog through the Fern Dell in Griffith Park.  (It was pretty, and nobody stepped in dog poop, so yay.)

(aliza took this one, while we waited for the boys-who-refused-to-jog)