Friday, May 11, 2012

Her Eighth Birthday

Ander sneaked this into her lunch bag

I told her to pick something festive to wear to school

I prettified the dining room while they were at school

Having arranged it with Lovely Ms. L. last week,
I popped in half an hour before the final bell to read to the class.
Trying to start up a new tradition,
we gave Ms. L. a copy of Aliza's favorite book
to share with all her future second grade classes.

I didn't keep him very well hidden in the hall, and this surprise was mostly blown, but still: awesome sauce.

He read this
(with panache)
(they were despondent when he finished and said goodbye)

Good friends:
Aliza's friend B. wore a hand-made sticker all day

 announcing to everyone that it was Aliza's birthday.
Aliza's friend T. made her this necklace 

(with some help from her big sister and her mom),
and presented to her as we left for home.

Per her repeated requests and weeks of reminders
(and despite today's offer of high tea at Chado),
we headed out to Yogurtland.

This is their 'thing' these days:
they pretend to be conjoined creatures who speak strange, mush-mouthed gibberish

When we got home, I made them hang out in the back yard 
while I ran to the front and set this up.
I'm not sure how she got it into her head, 

but an 'old' croquet set was on her birthday wish-list.
Ander was sitting next to me last month, cheering me on, 

as I won this set in a down-to-the-wire eBay auction.
(It's SO NICE to have it out of the ginormous cardboard box,
and out of my bedroom!)

Poppy and Grandma and their Carvel cake and a big bag of gifts arrived at 7.

Ander gave his gift first.

He carefully explained all the rules.

He tried very hard to let her put her "Summer Fun" Playmobil set together herself.

Her day started with the Ting-Tings blasting through the house and streamers across her bedroom door, and ended on a futon in Ander's room with Dubbadad reading Dr. Seuss's Happy Birthday to You.  In between there was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner waiting for her in the car, and a redbox DVD of "Hop" to watch, and a LOT of new books.

(Ander may have mumbled something about her birthday being 'a bit more extravagant' than his.  And I may have snapped mumbled something about her having to wait for her party until June.)


  1. Will you plan my birthday party next year???