Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aliza's Paper Doll Party & Pie Picnic: Prep, Prep, Prep

it really ought to have been a proper paper invite, but...

crucial party-prep (ahem): lemon vodka and eyebrow waxing

feed-sack fabric yo-yos by jessica
+ vintage buttons + alligator clips = hair-clips for goodie bags

total time-suck, but so darn cuuuute
(papers tracked down by jessica, hat tutorial from here)

jessica also mailed us an enormous box of paper chains
and crepe paper bunting

i originally planned to download scans of vintage paper doll clothes, 
print them, and cut them out...
uh, yeah...
instead a lovely etsy maven who was selling off her mother's collection came to my rescue, and even sorted through her stash to send me mostly children's clothes (especially dresses)
additions to our ever-evolving paper lantern collection
(the snowflakes and pleated ones are by Martha Stewart)

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