Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers' Day Eve at Poppy and Grandma's with Tutu and Grandad Too (a 4-Grandparent Moroccan Feast Apparently Requires Double Place Cards)

Both Ander and Zaza wanted to make the place cards.  This is how they compromised.  

And that tablecloth?  I have its twin at home.  I originally purchased them both to cover the gliders at an Indian-themed Maira Kalman book-signing and art exhibit at Storyopolis, almost fifteen years ago.

(elephants for Grandma)

(film cameras for Poppy)

(dogs for Tutu)

(golf and an anchor for Grandad)

(Superman and cheese for Dubbadad)

(black apples for Aliza)

(kung fu guy for Uncle Larry)

(Dubbadad washed all the tagines)

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