Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Random Sampling from the Bottom Left Drawer of Her Dressing Table, Which Was Still Full of the Many Many Things Three Year-Old Aliza HAD TO Pack in a Purse Before Leaving the House

It is very possible that she never really cared for Hello Kitty,
 but played along, not wanting to hurt my Kitty-loving heart.
  • Many, many, never-activated Target cards (lenticular ones were favorites)
  • Many, many mirror compacts (superhero Hello Kitty, sailor Hello Kitty, pink-flowered enamel, 'classic' Hello Kitty)
  • Several hand-mirrors (yellow squirrel, Hello Kitty keychain)
  • Toy cell phone
I also found a huge stack of vintage hankies, her once-beloved toy iPod, a funny little purse-sized photo album she had stuffed with friends' holiday cards, vintage children's eyeglass frames with the lenses pushed out (to look more like Mommy), and several coin purses and wallets containing play money.

This little person?  She's somewhere in there still...(my little nesting doll...)

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