Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aliza's Paper Doll and Pie Picnic: Credits

"A Black Apple Party," said Aliza.

And for a millisecond my wheels spun and I half-wished she had said "an [insert easily-track-down-able branded party theme here] Party."

For a millisecond.

And then I e-mailed jessica, and we both started Pinning away...

Aliza loved her party.

Despite having to wait until June,
she says this was her best birthday party ever.
It would NEVER have come together without our beloved jessica.

She made a special trip down from SLO because she understood that this particular party required two mommies.

Her props (vintage suitcases and trays, that amazing quilt-top), craftiness (feedsack yo-yos for the hair clips, miles of paper chains, ruffle-stitched crepe paper streamers), sweets (hedgehog-shaped pie pops!!!), patience (with me) and diligence (clipping all those weensy doll clothes to the streamers on the hedge, hanging all those lanterns, stuffing and labeling goodie-bags), moral support, grace under pressure, McGyver skills (hanging that quilt top without drilling into anything was um, challenging), hard-hard-HARD work, and of course -- OF COURSE -- her photography made Aliza's whimsical idea into a whimsy-filled reality.
It would never have come together without Dubbadad's total surrender to it all.

(We did work really hard to come up with a lawn-saving set-up, Dubs!)

Also, his keeping the children occupied off-site during 'crunch time,' his rescue of the party playlist (and keeping the music going wherever the partygoers wandered), and his clean-up skills (honed over a lifetime of Poppy and Grandma soirees) were -- as ever -- invaluable.
It would never have come together without Ander.

His enthusiasm for Aliza's chosen theme (which made her love it all the more), the planning of his own party outfit,  his patience and endurance as a tattoo artist, his 'no-big deal' attitude about being the only (young) boy at the party...
...and his gentle acceptance of sweet/kooky offerings -- and SO MUCH other little-girly attention -- all warmed my heart and made his sister sosososososo proud.
It would never have come together without Poppy's pies, and Poppy and Grandma's kvelling presence on the front porch.
It would never have come together without the friend-family who have never missed a birthday party.
It would never have come together without this EIGHT YEAR OLD girl.

It was all her idea -- even the color palette -- and she was an excellent sounding board with strong opinions throughout the party-planning process.  Her ability to be both a gracious hostess and an utterly undemanding and delight-filled guest at her own party is remarkable and inspiring.

Oh my goodness, I love her so.

(I would do the whole thing all over again tomorrow.)

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