Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aliza's Paper Doll and Pie Picnic: Decorations (or "What Can Be Achieved if jessica Makes a Special Trip to L.A. Just to Help Make Things Pretty)

jessica brought this vintage feedsack quilt top
to use as an awning over the craft table
geometric sunlight filtered through the quilt top:
the 'linen' table covers are the painters' drop-cloths we used at Ander's party.
 (in order to protect the front lawn from sod-ripping chair shenanigans
and 20+ pairs of fancy-shod feet,
we set up the craft area in the very, very sunny side yard)
jessica meticulously clipped the paper doll clothes to the crepe paper 'clothesline'
the inspiration for the entire party
was the artwork of Emily Martin of the Black Apple

 Aliza had requested a 'Black Apple party' --
'Paper Doll and Pie Picnic' seemed the best translation for those not yet introduced to the denizens of Oddfellow's Orphanage...

The Emily Martin print inside the Smith & Hawken for Target wreath was a birthday gift for Aliza on her real b-day in May

the goodie bags contained specific-to-each-guest Black Apple paper dolls (hellllooooo, Kinko's at 10pm last night!!!), a tiny red blank book and a short black pencil (originally the idea was for the book and pencil to be strung onto a cord somehow, and worn around the neck like Delia does in Oddfellow's), a swirly old-fashioned  red and white lollipop, and a hair clip
jessica's tv-tray/table + Ander's desk chair
(an oooold NCJW thrift score)
= Ander's tattoo stand
(he handed guests tickets as they came through the front gate)
more lawn-saving measures:
quilts, pillows, Aliza's pouf, 

and jessica's and my combined collection of vintage suitcases
(used as tables on which to perch snack plates and drinks)

just inside the front gate
on the street-facing side of the front gate
(giant Shirley Temple paper doll clothes cut out by Dubbadad and Aliza)

All party photos -- all day long -- 
by my enabler and fellow party-planning nutbag/goddess, jessica...

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