Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aliza's Paper Doll and Pie Picnic: Edibles and Potables (Why Yes it IS a Pie Party, and No, I Did Not Bake. I Made Super-Cute Hats Instead, Okay? Okay.)

As the party spanned that neither-lunch-nor-dinner/tea-time part of the afternoon, I opted for a buffet of vintage-y sweets...

pie-carrier basket, yellow Pyrex bowl, vintage books (Book House, Bobbsey Twins, Happy Hollisters), and left-most vintage tray -- all from the Goodwill;
vintage-style oilcloth from Wacko

kettle corn in my great-grandmother's mixing bowl
(she made really, really UNsweet snickerdoodle-type cookies --
her baking very much reflected her personality)

jessica brought the pink marshmallow things, and the flowered tray,
and she baked the AMAZING heart-shaped
(and hedgehog-shaped -- just not visible here) pie-pops

apple and cherry mini-pies from Starbucks --
the manager of our local branch made me a deal,
and had them all waiting for me this morning

that's my mom's bronzed baby shoe keeping the napkins from blowing away;
pies from Trader Joe's and Smart and Final;
vintage sodas and 'adult' beverages 

(peach and raspberry beer, lemon vodka to add to lemonade)
on ice in galvanized tubs to left of table

and i know, i know, 
these are all over party-land these days, but still: 
SO PRETTY (and environmentally kind, to boot) --
after getting miffed with all the party sites 'offering' Ball jars with various sorts of perforated galvanized lids for $5
APIECE, I started researching and found that the jars themselves are available for a little more than $1 each as the weather warms up, and then I found these on Amazon -- done and done!  and guess how many of those strawberry-lemonade glass jars slipped from the fingers of all our eight year-old guests 

and shattered on the patio?  

we left a roll of these nearby, and everybody kept track of their drinks all afternoon, re-filling all on their own

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