Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Days are Just Packed*

* thank you, Mr. Watterson!

After morning soccer camp they:
wrote a letter to a friend at sleep-away camp...

dug into the costume-box makeup stash and learned --
on her own! -- how to apply mascara...

...and added (cosmetic-grade) glitter to the afore-mentioned mascara...

...experimented with shaving cream clouds and colored water (thanks, jessica!)...

...found a recipe in a cookbook, shopped for the ingredients at Trader Joe's, and made dinner...

(he learned the 'claw' technique in his 5th grade kitchen class)

Well on their way to developing a 'signature dish'
(The recipe was neither 'quick' nor 'easy,' despite the cookbook's title.
They will be tweaking it next time, doubling the sauce, adding eggplant,
and stirring some of the cheese into the pasta before baking...)


  1. what a great day! now, get yourself an ice cream maker if you do not have one because you MUST make these EVERY DAY!

    1. I was just reading your post and thinking YES PERFECT WAY TO USE UP LEFTOVER BIRTHDAY LEMONADE!!!

  2. OMG that mushroom/Giraffe hybrid is the best thing I've seen in a while. The clouds look so fun! Loving the apron? Dress? With the pears, very cute. Love that you were able to capture that moment of her learning to use mascara on film, what a fun little mile stone and some gorgeous pics.

    1. thank you, greebly!!!

      it is indeed a grown-up sized apron (Orla Kiely for Target, I think), worn over not much else...