Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language*

(*thank you, Henry James)

The waitress at the pizza joint said she liked 'Za's hat.  
'Za said, "Thanks!  It's at a jaunty angle!" 
And the waitress told her she was the coolest kid everrrr.
There was a DJ mixing things up live in the pizza joint.  Shame-free Ander had to had to had to dance dance dance all over that shiny shiny polished ce-ment floor, right there, next to the hot pink foosball table, smack-dab in the middle of the pizza joint.  Zaza joined in.  The DJ was amused.  
I laughed and laughed.  
As our waitress left for the night, she dodged the dancing dervishes, and said I should be a proud mama.  And I was -- and am -- because they are so very themselves, and they have made me embarrassment-proof, and remind me every day to live in the moment, 
and to maybe shake a tail feather while there.
(three IncrediBooth photos in, the pizza arrived)


  1. to get:
    1. Squirtguns
    2. Mini foosball table (alt. air hockey?)
    3. Photobooth

    1. Target has some great neon-colored 'squirters' right now -- there's a Target 'Exclusive' set of 3 for five bucks or so. (The big guns were brought along by their friend and arms dealer, Sr L -- and they were still NOT those semi-dangerous Nerf Super Soakers that can actually damage eyes). With three kids in the fray -- and the potential for somebody to always be getting ganged up on -- I decided against allowing teams, and it was every person for themselves out there. Also, blasting anybody in the face.

      I personally prefer air hockey. (More pictures of that awesome all-girl foosball table here:

      And here's the booth we used (my FIFTH camera app!!!):

    2. oops -- that should read:
      NO blasting anyone in the face