Thursday, June 21, 2012

When One Moves Up Seven Levels in Reading Over the Course of the Year... might decide to open a bookshop (complete with sidewalk sale) in one's living room:

...or be inspired to leave notes on one's mother's bulletin board:

I am not a big believer in the whole leveling thing which many schools rely upon to encourage children to improve their reading.  The whole system seems rather monopolistic and arbitrary (helloooo I'm looking at YOU Scholastic -- funny how you assign lower levels to books you don't publish...).  But despite the shame Aliza has felt about being held at certain levels (ah yes, the flip side of incentivizing), she has finally upped her reading stamina and her comprehension -- which is HUGE for her because she has always been in such a hurry to read books that look like 'proper' books (i.e. whatever Ander is reading).

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