Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When Your Family Doesn't Follow Organized Sports (Save for the Yearly Grudge-Match Football Game Betwixt Your Parents' Alma Maters, the Occasional Baseball Game [but That's Really About the Dodger Dogs], and Olympic Swimming and Gymnastics)... might -- for example -- refer to any person in any sort of sports uniform as a 'Dodger' (Ander, age 4)

...and you might -- for (a more-recent-as-in-this-morning) example -- not actually own a sports jersey to wear to International Jersey/Pinnie Day at soccer camp.

But don't fret.

This jersey-free sort of family, might be -- no -- most certainly is just the sort of family who always has some plain white t-shirts and permanent markers on hand.


  1. I love how as I am looking at them walking in their homemade jerseys with admiration, I think..."Ooh, Ander is wearing sock garters!" and then I remember that those are most probably NOT sock garters but some kinda sporty shin guards. You can bet I do not own any sports jerseys myself...

    1. ha! yes! i thought they looked like that too! but yes: shin guards (he refused to wear knee socks).