Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zaza's Last Day of Second Grade: Gifts for Teachers and Aides

blank white parasols left over from Aliza's kokeshi birthday
+ dot pens + Sharpie markers
(she did the dotting, I did the cursive -- 

and we did dot too enthusiastically and thus rip quite a few along the way)


  1. These are fantastic! What a beautiful idea - and I'm sure a little tear jerker for some teachers too!

    1. thanks, Ruth!

      it seems to me that the projects that we don't plan for at all -- that just sort of HAPPEN when we look at what's already in the craft cupboard -- are the projects that come off best... our expectations are lower maybe?

      but the dot pens are very wet, and the paper is very fragile when damp, so my dotter (ha!) kept pushing the dot pen right through the paper. i think we sacrificed 3 or 4 parasols to punches, rips & tears until I thought to teach her to dot gently and quickly...