Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventures with Tutu and Grandad

they visited the Chula Vista Nature Center

they snuggled and threw the ball for and bathed and walked Moxie

they went to their Summer Library
(though never to the grown-up Reading Room shown here)

they went to the candy store

Ander and Grandad harvested, stripped, cut, soaked and wove papyrus
(Grandad made a portable press so it can come home for the last stage)

Aliza finally lost one of those wobbly-wonky nearly-sideways lateral incisors

and they baked two ginormous batches of cookies
(green maple moustaches, snickerdoodle ghosts and leaves)
...they also went swimming for an hour every day with Tutu (best private lessons everrrrr), and played endless games of hide-and-seek, and read their books, and made their beds, and set the table, and learned how to put in a load of laundry.*

They were too busy to miss us.

*while I'm not saying they were, they may have been coached to ask "What can I do to help?", and they may have been reminded that any bad behavior would reflect poorly upon their mother's parenting skills

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