Saturday, July 14, 2012

Left Behind

We took the train to San Juan Capistrano today, and after lunch and a stroll through the craft fair and our two favorite shops, I kissed them and put them into Tutu's car, and they were off for a week with their Southernmost Grandparents.

This is a Big Deal because other than an occasional overnight at their Local Grandparents', Dubbadad and I have never been apart from both of them.

If it weren't for a delightful hour-long chat with a fellow passenger (pediatric nurse, rock star Words With Friends player), I would have felt at loose ends -- perhaps even at sixes and sevens -- all the way home.

When they Skyped us a little bit ago, they had already unpacked and worked up a sweat on Tutu's elliptical machine and had early showers.  Tutu called me later, and by then they had set the table and drawn for a while and eaten barbecued burgers and walked the Big Black Dog and gone for ice cream.

I am not sure of whom I am most jealous.

But for certain I am at loose ends... and sixes and sevens.

I suppose -- up here in the big city -- closets will be purged.  Last year's school work will be sorted and tossed or scanned.  My in-box will be (I SWEAR) dealt with. Grown-up movies and television will be viewed.  Maybe we will squeeze in a dinner out or a movie in an actual theater (perhaps even at night).

But mostly I think I will be a bit unraveled, a bit those-numbers-between-five-and-eight.

Because I am the sort of person who looks so forward to summer because it means more time with Ander and Zaza.  Because (as is made painfully obvious here) they are my favorite people.

And because I am the sort of borderline-miserly person who knows that I only get so many summers with them, only so many lazy mornings in pajamas, only so many leisurely afternoons of ice-y drinks in sweating cups, only so many last-minute hodge-podge dinners outdoors, with meandering (meANDERing) bedazzling (beZAZAling) conversations and laughter and arms linked and feet in each other's laps and everybody smelling like chlorine and coconut and sunscreen and newly-mown grass and freshly-laundered sheets.

(It is so. hard. to share them.)

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