Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walking the Rock

I made them go on a walk to the Landing, in order to facilitate the surprise that I told them would be revealed later this morning (it was hot, and they grumbled and whined, but they were certain exciting things were being set up back at Tutu and Grandad's)

...but the surprise wasn't waiting back at Tutu's.

The surprise walked off the San Diego ferry while Ander and Zaza were looking in the opposite direction and whining about heading back. In fact, they walked right into the surprise, and into a hug that was a week overdue.
I love watching him type a subject into the computer, scribble down the call number, and peruse the very same shelves I perused as a younger person.

Merlin's Beard!  We'll miss it this year!

In front of the VFW

They didn't cross Make a Lemonade Stand off their to-do in Coronado lists because Tutu says the mayor has banned lemonade stands (!!!)...

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