Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Found When I Stumbled Out of Bed at Eight

(let's ignore the [at least it's folded!] laundry on the back of the sofa, shall we?)
They had already made themselves cereal, eaten it, put their dishes in the sink.
Teeth were already brushed.
The television was not on
(but -- truth be told -- 'Za is watching Sesame Street on her nabi there).
Beds were made, people!
Who are these children????

He still reads Calvin & Hobbes most nights before shutting off his bedside lamp.
But now he's appreciating a whole other layer of the humor...
like the stuff between Calvin's parents, and Hobbes' more philosophical asides.


  1. Lucy also reads Calvin & Hobbes before bed. Love that they are up and reading...happy sigh.

    1. and doesn't Jeff's mom do that too?