Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Farewell to Aliza's Potion Table

She's over it.

What was that?  A year and a half?  Not a bad run for our little alchemist. 

While I won't miss the pain of stepping on scattered bath salts with my bare feet, I will miss seeing the tiny cork-stoppered vials of glitter-infused custom potions go home with her friends after play-dates, and finding the aromatic remains of garden herbs in her tiny mortar and pestle.

And I suppose this means the toy kitchen (which had a second life as her potion laboratory) will be finding its way into the attic soon.

It is a very good thing the school year is starting up -- it distracts me from the (sweet, fleeting, beloved) things that are winding down...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Annual Frank & Poppy Birthday Party

(Frank & Dorothy's kitchen floor)

(backsplash behind stove)

(always with the shared cake)

(awaiting their slices)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Squeezing Every Last Sweet Drop Out of Summer 2012 (at Scoops with Shanaynay B)

There was: burnt sugar, and salty chocolate, and mocha Oreo, 
and green tea cream, and cherry pomegranate.

There was silliness. 

Made in the Car on the Way Back from Dropping 'Za at Camp

You know what I can draw with an Etch A Sketch?


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

While Zaza Was at Gymnastics Camp

 ~ breakfast at Alcove ~
his contribution to...
...the drawer in the Chess Table.
(i love that she guards the ladies' room)
Pazzo Gelato is jusssssst down Sunset from the Secret Headquarters
(we agreed: comics + gelato = a. perfect. afternoon.)
We squeezed in a movie at the Arclight before heading back to fetch Aliza

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Trip to jessica in SLO in 35 Instagrams: There Was Much Adventuring

While I will eventually get around to posting many of jessica's beautiful photos from our four days of shared adventures, it must be said that she has been documenting things over on the 'dilly in a much more timely fashion...

Spooner's Cove at sundown

Sylvester's Burgers in Los Osos

Settling in at the Family a-go-go's

A morning at the farmer's market

A Tolkien-esque hike (with hats)

Dry ice science with Mister a-go-go

A visit to Las Pilitas Steel Bridge
before joining the Star Party and watching the Perseids

Tide-pooling near Moonstone Beach

Tea in Cambria

Apple-tasting and taffy-shopping at Gopher Glen

Open windows
(wind in their hair, arms dolphin-leaping outside the windows)

Lush, fresh, 'grazing' meals
(jessica has discovered the best way to get a Zaza to eat)

A visit to jessica and the Mister's Cabinet of Wonders
'New Tiny Casa'

(on the fridge)

A last photo-op on the road out of town
(Despite this being the site of last summer's Parenting Fail,
it was a must-do for this Egypt-obsessed boy,
and so jessica waited with Aliza in the car)