Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Small Gifts

Caliente Cinnamon Chocolate
(at Neveux on Melrose, which -- shhhh -- may be better than Scoops)

(a 'Clouded Sulphur' perhaps?)
Hers: Honey Lavender and Salted Caramel
Mine: Strawberry Balsamic and Pepper Peach
We popped in to buy a replacement pair of green suspenders for the boy.
The owner made a special trip to the back room to fetch these for A&A

after they were deemed worthy.
(We think it all turned on the fact that when asked what the suspenders were for, 

I answered, "Uh, for him.  To, ummm, wear.  To school.  And stuff."  
Which was apparently a less lame answer than "For a Halloween Costume," 
which he maybe hears too often.)

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