Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At Today's Assembly

"This student is a diligent worker, a good friend, a kind soul, and a very important member of our community.  He has a moral compass that always points true, and continually serves as a model of good character, thoughtfulness, and creativity.  His unbridled enthusiasm for learning is contagious and I have yet to find a task that, when asked to do, he does not ultimately undertake with all the gusto he can muster..."

They don't tell the kids beforehand, but the parents are clued in so they can be there, cameras at-the-ready.

I was obviously clapping too hard to take a non-blurry photo, but this is exactly how I saw it (my vision may have been a bit um, misty).


  1. What a wonderful commendation! For you as well as him. :)

    1. oh greebly, thank you for your kind words...

      i hope with all my heart he can layer his future selves over this particular version of himself.

      personally, i think i peaked (creatively, scholastically, imaginatively) in 5th grade. i was never as optimistic or kind or confident as i was that year...