Saturday, October 27, 2012

Costume Prep and Fitting

A dapper, Steampunk-y character of his own invention:
he paid for his nicer-quality 
top hat using up all of his allowances until December, as well as any money he has made from selling duct tape wallets; he decided against making a walking stick (so we never had to hunt down supplies at his 'places to go'); knee-high spats were procured via, 
and he colored the brass buttons silver using a paint pen
A favorite comic book character
(though 'Za knows her from the kid-friendlier Little Endless Storybook
He expects that people will ask what he is supposed to be
(thus: calling cards to hand out)
We decided Delirium would be a bit confused as to which holiday is being celebrated
(we had considered a Santa-covered shopping bag as well as
a butterfly net as Halloween loot receptacles)
In the pail: delirious hair products, ready to go
After several failed attempts at finding a frock-like coat at the Goodwill,
Ander found MY black velvet jacket on the coat-stand and deemed it worthy.
But as he couldn't very well hot-glue things to a jacket I in fact wear quite a bit, he made these pins from hobby shop 'findings' 

and a Goodwilled belt that we took apart.
In an attempt to minimize the number of people who will certainly ask her if she is Madonna or a rave-goer, I made this necklace by wiring various items from our 'junk jar' (things I thought Delirium would think were pretty)
onto a rainbow chain from the Children's Place.
The black ribbon at the top is an evil-eye-beaded necklace from Maya on Melrose 

-- to be worn doubled up, choker-style.
Ander-made 'capster' lapel pin
In the comics, Delirium usually had a pet fish
that would float along next to her on a leash.
(This guy is about 7" long, and his 'leash' is a wire coat hanger.)
Trying out the layering of the tights and mismatched socks:
neon green zipper bracelet and skull bracelet from Maya on Melrose; eyeball ring 
made by hot-gluing a World Market toy eyeball onto an old adjustable-size ring; 

Aquanet and butterflies (left over from fairy birthday party) for her hair

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