Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: Zaza is Delirium of the Endless

in Grandma's bathroom, with her pet goldfish on the 'leash' which broke in half just as we got in the car to come over
Her hair was bigger than this at the beginning of the evening -- full of insane twists and whorls and spouts -- very pink and orange.  It was kind of amazing looking -- a Raggedy Ann / candy floss hybrid.
It would have been even more vertical (the way 'Za imagined it), but Aliza was sobbing (SOBBING!) with tender-scalped pain as I back-combed and ratted her hair into this Delirious rat's nest.  We decided enough was enough, clipped in butterflies and neon-colored fake hair braids, and called it done.


  1. The fish on a leash and her hair still both look awesome! (Why is it that tender scalps are so often paired with curly hair?)

    1. Thank you, greeblygreebly!
      I think the broken leash actually made the fish easier to carry, so there you go.
      And she was SO HAPPY with how it all came out. She even gave me permission to post that last photo to Neil Gaiman's facebook page...