Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's (Finally) Looking Like Halloween Around Here

Every year I promise I will get the decorations out in September.  

"Maybe the first week of school..." I say.  "Maybe when you come home from school one day, I will surprise you with a HOUSE-WIDE TRANSFORMATION!!!"

Eyes shining, we smile wickedly, imagining all the spooky trappings, magically installed.

But the six (SIX!!!) boxes are high up in the garage, and very heavy, and half of them are full of things I have tucked away for an 'annual' Halloween party I haven't thrown since Alexander was in kindergarten.  

And the un-packing of all those orange tubs means I will have to re-pack all those orange tubs.

Wait -- what?  It's October 27th already?

So here we are: dialed waaaaay back, and with seconds to spare.  No orange and black crepe paper streamers, no black-glittered banners, no grey and black tattered curtains (I have them though!  All neatly packed away for next year's 'annual' Halloween party!  We are so ready!).  


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