Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday is Ballet

Before: carrying her ballet bag and her freshly-minted duct-tape and mailing envelope messenger bag (packed with rolls of duct tape, more Tyvec envelopes, and sharp sharp scissors). 
After: wearing a favorite thrifted skirt and clutching the library's copy of the 1976 photo-illustrated book, A Very Young Dancer to her chest.


  1. I remember that book! Too cool, I didn't know they had a series of them. Has she been taking ballet for long?

    The bag looks like a great project, I'll have to try that with my daughter. Target had some great duct tape on clearance after school started.

    1. Hey there, Greebly!

      She took ballet from ages 4 to 7, and then, suddenly -- heart-breakingly -- asked to stop.
      She doubled up on her gymnastics, dabbled with soccer.
      But then last year she had a really inspirational dance teacher (at her old school they had dance once a week in the p.e. slot) who reminded her that everything starts with ballet. And then, just before school started this year, I wondered out loud if ballet wouldn't help Aliza with the growing pains she has been having in her legs.
      And that was that: she asked to take ballet again. And is hoping to take two classes a week once Alexander's after-school claymation class wraps up.

      Thanks for the Target tip!


    2. Also, re: DANCER:

    3. Greeblygreebly7:27 PM

      Thank you so much for that article, how interesting!

    4. smooches, greebly!