Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Is there such a thing as Extreme Teeter-Tottering?
If not, there shouldn't be.

I always hoped he would be this kind of big kid.  And he is.
(He recruited this 4 year-old to help him
bury the labrador-sized climb-on ant)


  1. Ha! That was my daughter all the way- "Is there some way I could make this seemingly innocent plaything much more dangerous?" Perhaps as a reaction to this my son was the self appointed play-ground safety officer.

    1. I actually think there OUGHT to be playground police! Seriously, THAT'S a make-work program I could get behind! It could be like the city pool lifeguard program. (This idea came to me when Alexander was two and we took him to a fantastic city park designed to be accessible to differently-abled children, and big kids were tearing all over the play structures ON THEIR BIKES, nearly running down toddlers at ever turn...)