Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Middle School Museum of Ancient Civilizations

Before they begin studying real-world ancient civilizations, the 6th graders were tasked with working in small groups, and creating their own ancient civilizations.
They had to collaborate on inventing their civilization's culture, religion, alphabet, government, jobs, cities, and social hierarchy, create artifacts to illustrate these aspects of the civilization, and then (taking on the personae of researchers and archaeologists) present their findings to their peers and visiting family members.
(leather-bound journal 'discovered' by Kendall)
(labeled artifacts still sitting in mushroom-riddled native Toarran soil)

(sacred mushroom amulets 'restored' by Alyce)
Excerpt from the Journal of Ffocrazitar (as translated by Alexander):"...The Heyrall Mushroom is the Sacred Shroom of Heythann, protector of our people.  Arrcast is another of our most important deities, and is said to have discovered our island in the days of the First Spores..."
"...You see, on Toarr, your place in the social hierarchy is determined by your level of education and wisdom.  Since Beltley is a shaman, he knows a great deal about our religion and culture, putting him fairly high up on the Ladder of Power.  And he is teaching me everything he knows, so I will be highly placed when I am older..."

(Toarran "Letter Cap" -- discovered by Alexander --
which allowed archaeologists to decipher Toarran writing) 
(each presentation featured a Glogster, which fleshed out aspects of their oral report for visitors to their exhibit)
(flashing their T for Toarr signs, yo!)

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