Sunday, October 21, 2012

Up Early for Our Genius Bar Appointment

The real event here is Uncle Alan driving up from San Diego for a weekend visit -- in flip-flops and sunglasses and driving Grandad's midlifemobile, just him, without wife and sons -- as if he and his family didn't just arrive from Belgium three days ago, as if it's no big deal at all that we haven't been able to hug him for two years.

And how did we celebrate? With pizza at our neighborhood joint last night, breakfast at the Original Farmers' Market this morning, and a trip to the Mac store.  

Oh and also a giant potato. 

No streamers and confetti, no home-cooked meals, but lots of photo-sharing and talking and laughing and hugging.

It felt like he had never been away at all.  (Thank the Tech deities for Skype!)

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