Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Visualizing the Setting" of Ninth Ward

He 'built' the houses from snippets of photos
of Ninth Ward homes destroyed by Katrina.
The doors were cut from FEMA documents,
and a Wikipedia article on Katrina.

He learned that drawing up a rough sketch early on is a very good idea when planning out a collage.  

He learned how to play with color in iPhoto.  

I learned (am still learning) to back the heck off.  

"It's. not. your. project," he reminded me over and over as my hand shot out to straighten a paper house here or sweep away a blob of glue there. 

He was so right.  So I backed the heck off.

And of course -- of course -- his project is a much truer reflection of Ninth Ward's off-kilter, colorful, tenuously held-together setting than anything I could have made with a ruler and a t-square and an x-acto knife.


  1. What a fantastic collage! And you're right - it is a great representation of the subject.

    1. thanks so much, Ruth! he is very proud of it...

  2. I love what he did with the photos and the fema docs!

    1. thank you, greebly!
      we looked at some collage houses on etsy for inspiration -- he loves using text in collage like that...